Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 161

Before celebrating Halloween, why not make time for a bit of internet awesome?

  1. Michelle Obama is all of us: When You Get Seated Next to the Cutest Boy in Class.
  2. I miss this show: 21 Little-Known Facts About The West Wing.
  3. Now scheming about a fall 2016 trip: Largest Ever Exhibition of the Queen’s Wardrobe Planned for Her 90th Birthday.
  4. Really excited for this: The Trailer for Aziz Ansari’s Netflix Comedy “Master of None” Has Arrived.
  5. The internet was basically invented for moments such as these: 22 of the Best Hotline Bling Memes.
  6. I’m a sucker for these type of projects: Historic Scenes Merged with the Present by Nick Sullivan.
  7. Timely information: This Infographic Pairs Wine with Halloween Candy.
  8. YES: Lionel Richie Gets in on the Adele “Hello” Mash-Up Fun on Instagram.
  9. Talk about late fees: Someone Returned Library Books After 52 Years, Left an Awesome Note.
  10. I’m currently reading this book (thumbs up so far) and am happy to report that the trailer for the upcoming movie looks great, too: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 107

The weekly roundup of internet finds:

  1. I went 12 for 12, obviously: Can You Guess Famous Mean Girls Lines From Just a Freeze Frame?
  2. A pretty solid mashup: Hollywood Movie Dance Tribute.
  3. I mean…she’s the best, basically: Oscar Winner Helen Mirren’s Twerking Talents.
  4. Because why not: Downton Tabby.
  5. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you no doubt heard the news this week that J.K. Rowling regrets pairing off Ron and Hermione. This sums up my feelings on the matter perfectly: An Open Letter to J.K. Rowling.
  6. I’ve read a lot of articles about Philip Seymour Hoffman this past week, but this one is the most powerful: One of Ours: The New York Legacy of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Would have loved to see him play Willy Loman.
  7. Being overseas, I didn’t actually watch any of the Super Bowl (or the halftime show or 95% of the commercials), but I can still enjoy Super Bowl-related things nonetheless. Exhibit A: Aziz Ansari’s Imaginary Friday Night Light’s Super Bowl Was Better Than the Actual Super Bowl.
  8. The Full House guys reunited on Jimmy Fallon, and it was everything this ’90s child could have ever wanted.
  9. I’m pretty sure I remember a lot of these: 28 Valentine’s Day Cards You Haven’t Seen Since the ’90s.
  10. Pretty much sums up 99% of why I love the Winter Olympics: Entertainment Weekly’s Ice Skating Supercut.

Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 100 (AKA, My Greatest Hits)

Over the two plus years I’ve had this little blog, I’ve started several projects that I haven’t exactly followed through with, despite the best of intentions. But one project I have not abandoned is this one, my weekly roundup of fun internet finds. In celebration of the fact that this is my one hundredth (!!) time writing a “Things That Are Awesome” post, I thought it would be fun to feature some of my all-time favorite items from the previous 99 posts. So herein I present, Things That Are Awesome: The Greatest Hits.

From Volume 1 – One of my all-time favorite Game of Thrones parodies, Damn It Feels Good to Be a Lannister.

From Volume 4 – Mindy Kaling’s hilarious and on-point guide to women in the movies, Flick Chicks.

From Volume 5 – A supremely well-done video chronicling 100 Years of Street Style in East London.

From Volume 9 – The Kim Kardashian Divorce Skit from SNL still makes me laugh so hard. The Bruce Jenner face!

From Volume 11 – And Beyonce’s I Was Here video still makes me cry. We all bow down to Bey.

From Volume 14 – I can’t imagine how long it took her to make this, but I’m glad she did: One Woman A Capella Disney Medley.

From Volume 15 – Anyone who has been reading this blog for a second could tell you I’m a die hard Love Actually fan, which is why the oh-so-funny Hate Actually article is still one of my favorite things.

From Volume 16 – I’m always rooting for Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt to wind up together, but in the meantime, I’ll just enjoy them singing What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve? together.

From Volume 18 – This Hunger Games Spoof Trailer kills me. The reaction when Prim is reaped = priceless.

From Volume 21 – Another SNL skit I’m mildly majorly obsessed with, Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel. Kristen Wiig’s Bjork will never, ever get old. Never ever. (“I made a sweater for an octopus. Plus I left one extra hole for its dreams and ideas.”)

From Volume 29 – Chandler Bing is my favorite Friends character (no questions asked), so I love this tumblr: Chandler Dances on Things.

From Volume 33 – Of all the elaborate proposal videos I’ve seen on the interwebs, this one just might take the cake.

From Volume 34 – This tweet from Lena Dunham will forever and always give me chills.

From Volume 37 – Fighting the good fight against font snobbery: I’m Comic Sans, Asshole.

From Volume 41 – Any comparison to Mean Girls is a good one in my book, but this one is especially wonderful: The US Women’s Gymnastics Team as Mean Girls.

From Volume 42 – My hatred for 50 Shades of Grey knows no bounds; thus, this Goodreads review is sheer brilliance.

From Volume 46 – Overlaying Mitt Romney quotations on Lucille Bluth pictures is endlessly amusing to me, even a year after the election.

From Volume 48 – Beautiful photographs of Newman and Woodward. Doesn’t get much more lovely than those two.

From Volume 51 – I go to Williams-Sonoma and want to buy ALL THE THINGS, but I find this funny anyway: The Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

From Volume 54 – As any Arrested Development fan knows, you have got to watch the show multiple times to truly appreciate the layers upon layers of jokes: 53 Arrested Development Jokes You Probably Missed.

From Volume 57 – The 26 Most Puzzling Photographs of Leonardo DiCaprio Ever Taken. I’ll never let go, Leo. I’ll never let go.

From Volume 60 – In which I reiterate that I want to be Jennifer Lawrence’s best friend: 22 Jennifer Lawrence Reaction GIFs.

From Volume 63 – The award for the best Honest Trailer ever goes to…The Notebook.

From Volume 68 – Just dying: Family Feud Fails.

From Volume 70 – I know she took some heat for her alleged lack of professionalism, but I love her: News Anchor Laughs at Ryan Lochte. Jeah!

From Volume 74 – Check out these 20 Hilarious Pinterest Fails. Nailed it.

From Volume 79 – This makes me smile: 21 Heartwarming and Beautiful Facts About Mr. Rogers.

From Volume 82 – My all-time favorite Pinterest board has to be My Imaginary Well-Dressed Toddler.

From Volume 85 – At last, a correction to the first song I remember really loving: It’s Finally Ironic.

From Volume 87 – It’s about time for a West Wing marathon re-watch, no? The West Wing Cast Just Caught up over Twitter and It Was the Best.

From Volume 90 – Two of my favorites, being hilarious together: Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake and hashtags. #sogood.

From Volume 91 – It’s tough to think of a better way to spend your Thursday nights than playing the Scandal Drinking Game, amirite?!?

From Volume 94 – Stunning accuracy: If Every Big Ten School Were a Parks and Rec Character. Nobody likes you, Jerry!

From Volume 97 – My love for Aziz Ansari knows no bounds: Aziz Ansari Just Compared Spoiled Youth to World’s Most Hated Font, Comic Sans.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 97

The weekly roundup of internet fabulosity:

  1. If Chandler Bing watched this video, he would probably say, “Tom Hiddleston, could you BE any more adorable?” (Answer: No)
  2. All hail the Michigan Accent. For a few of these, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Michigander talk like that, but for most, I was nodding along in agreement.
  3. The Friends Thanksgiving episodes are legendary (in my pop culture universe, at least), so of course I think this is great: 23 Greatest Thanksgiving Moments from Friends. More turkey, Mr. Chandler?
  4. Incredibly on point: Aziz Ansari Just Compared Spoiled Youth to World’s Most Hated Font, Comic Sans.
  5. If you were a Michigan undergrad, you will understand why this article is fabulous: ‘Til Rick’s Do Us Part: A Drunk History of Rick’s American Cafe.
  6. This pretty much encapsulates middle school for me: Revisiting Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 1. I had totally forgotten about All Saints. Man, I loved that song.
  7. I meant to post this weeks ago, back when it was making the rounds of Facebook, but it’s still highly relevant: How Did It Get to Be Okay for People to Be Late for Everything? Habitually late people drive me insane – so rude!
  8. This is adorable: Couple Performs Dirty Dancing Scene at Wedding. They even did the lift! Sidenote: I went through a period in middle school where I literally watched Dirty Dancing every single day. So good.
  9. So much cheesy, tacky awesomeness here: The Ultimate Guide to Saved by the Bell Fashion.
  10. As a girl who reads quite a lot, I love this: Girls Who Read.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 12

(image via GQ)

This week’s most awesome finds:

  1. Odds Are, You Probably Don’t Exist. A fascinating idea to consider.
  2. I’ve pretty much given up on Glee; I quit watching after the first episode of this season because it’s gotten downright awful at times. However, I saw this clip floating around the internet and I have to say it’s an amazing mash-up. You can’t go wrong with Adele.
  3. Those Who Stay Will Redeem Themselves – probably my favorite article about last weekend’s victory over Ohio State.
  4. Okay, these vintage ads are decidedly not awesome, but they did make me laugh at how ridiculous they are. They are all offensive, but my personal vote for the worst would be: Most men ask, “is she pretty?,” not, “is she clever?”
  5. I love this so much – Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are two of GQ’s Men of the Year, and their interview and pictures together make me so happy. Adorable.
  6. This video, where Diane von Furstenberg talks about her travel philosophy, is great. First, I love DvF (one of the all-time most stylish women). Second, the illustrations are so charming.
  7. This sounds like the best trip ever. Aziz Ansari AND David Chang in Tokyo, drinking Zima? Hilarity ensues.
  8. Nostalgia Fact-Check: a series of blog posts on New York Magazine’s website, re-examining old movies/TV shows/music. This is such a fun idea (and perhaps one I might steal for my own blog?). I especially love the posts on Dawson’s Creek and Ace of Base – two things that, I’ll admit, I loved way back in the day, but that don’t hold up quite so well now.
  9. I found this compilation of analogies, and some of them are hilarious (some hilariously good, others hilariously bad). I have no idea why, but I think I liked this one the best: “The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn’t.”
  10. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. Damn right, that’s hurting my scar. I’ll never be able to hear “Milkshake” the same way again.

Check it: The Awesome Archives

Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 10

This week’s collection of internet awesomeness:

  1. I am SO EXCITED for this movie. Yes, all caps. What am I, a sixteen-year old girl??
  2. Last week’s Amazing Race involved a bunny steeplechase race, which I did not even realize was an actual thing. However, it was super adorable, and now I’m obsessed. See this and this for proof.
  3. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs/blogs about living abroad in Europe. (A girl can dream, right?) I stumbled upon this set of photos from Versailles and it’s making me want to go back to Paris so badly.
  4. Chris Martin and Jimmy Fallon do the worm. How delightful is Chris Martin? (Answer: super delightful).
  5. This is awesome – Beyonce songs re-imagined as undergraduate theses in women’s and gender studies. I wish I would spontaneously think of things this funny.
  6. Jenny Slate and co. made another Marcel the Shell video! When I saw this, it totally made my day. The first Marcel video was brilliant, and I think this one is too. (Favorite line: “I mean, it was pretty hard at the time, but now I always just think, oh, she’s traveling.” Second favorite line: “Sometimes I read a receipt. I like to get a feel for the daily life.”)
  7. Aziz Ansari is hilarious. And yes, oddly sexy. (Also: why is Bradley Cooper this year’s Sexiest Man Alive? He’s kind of from Planet Douchealon, no? Five points if you get that reference.)
  8. And on that note: 63 reasons why Bradley Cooper is not the sexiest man alive.
  9. An interesting read on Detroit. And also, there’s a HuffPost Detroit now! Pretty cool.
  10. And finally, in anticipation of the holiday – a lovely article on finding Thanksgiving in Paris. I had a smile on my face while reading this.

I think this is my favorite list of awesome, ever. Just so many of the things I love the most. But if you still want more, check out the Awesome Archives.

Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 8

This week’s awesome:

  1. Parks and Rec quote of the week: “Most people would say the deets. I say the tails. Just one example of innovation.” (Tom Haverford. Always.)
  2. And even more – seven minutes of Tom Haverford hitting on women. Love Aziz Ansari.
  3. Ryan Gosling vs. puppies? It’s pretty much a toss-up.
  4. I often get excited about an upcoming movie from its trailer, but I’m almost certain I’ve never decided I had to see a movie based on the poster alone. But this one convinced me.
  5. If I had had a blog back when the Royal Wedding aired, I definitely would have blogged about how obsessed with it I was (answer: very). To make up for that, these are the best Halloween costumes the Today show has ever done.
  6. This weekly list is fast becoming a list of things that made me cry. Case in point: A eulogy for Steve Jobs, written by his sister.
  7. Seven Decades of TV Catchphrases. I found this collection pretty amusing. My favorites? “We were on a break!,” “Do it rockapella!,” “Come on!,” “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” “Moving target penny can!,” and (of course) “I’m Chuck Bass.”
  8. I never thought that I would use “Salman Rushdie” and “Kim Kardashian” in the same sentence, but then this happened. And it was awesome.
  9. I found this video of bloopers from Friends – love it! The best parts are Lisa Kudrow’s laugh and David Schwimmer yelling, “PIVOT!” After watching it, I fell down a rabbit hole of Friends videos on You Tube and ended up watching this and this and this too. I miss Friends.
  10. Awkward Family Pet Photos. I especially love the one where two of the daughters are holding cats and the third (possibly the unloved black sheep of the family) is holding a plant.

In need of more awesome? Look no further.