Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 132

The weekly-ish roundup of awesome internet finds:

  1. The decline of the show in a nutshell: Looking Back at the Most Awkward Sponsored Challenges on Project Runway.
  2. Using an apostrophe to pluralize is my number one grammar pet peeve (yes, I have many). Thus, this is awesome: How to Make Your Last Name Plural This Holiday Season.
  3. I would for sure eat a Cumbercupcake.
  4. The Onion gets it: Michigan Fans Thankful Program No Longer Relevant Enough to Be Humiliated on National Stage.
  5. Best gift ever: J.K. Rowling’s Christmas Present to You Is More Harry Potter Stories.
  6. Like I could love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen more.
  7. Any self-respecting Friends aficionado will get 100% on this quiz: The Friends Episode Where the Girls Lose the Apartment.
  8. Dying from all the cuteness: This Little Boy and His Rescue Dog Are Adorable Together.
  9. An interesting video project from the New York Times: 9 Kisses.
  10. Yesssss: The 2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 126

The weekly-ish roundup of internet finds:

  1. “It’s like FourSquare, but for your education. If you were a wizard.”: Syracuse University Turns to Harry Potter to Motivate Business Students.
  2. If they hadn’t put C.J. at #1, I would have revolted, so that’s good. Also, I love that Mandy is #113. But Leo should be #2, Ainsley should be higher, and Amy should be lower: A Definitive Ranking of Every Character on The West Wing.
  3. I personally think they taste gross, but this is an interesting read anyway: The Greatest Trick Capitalism Ever Pulled Was Making You Want a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
  4. #2 and #3 are the story of my life: 14 Things Overthinkers Say and What They Actually Mean.
  5. “I smell like a baby in a damn meadow”: If Nick Miller Quotes Were Motivational Posters.
  6. Gorgeous: Recipes Suspended in Air.
  7. Insert cry-laughing emoji here: #NewSATQuestions.
  8. Heh: If Social Media Was Made For People Who Hate People.
  9. She’s the best: 16 Times Leslie Knope Made the Whole World Happy.
  10. This is adorable: Here’s Tom Brady’s Resume from When He Didn’t Think He’d Make It in the NFL.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 121

The weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. This week in movie trailers: the second trailer for Gone Girl looks as awesome as the first, and, after reading the book, I can’t wait to see what they do with Wild.
  2. Random, but I love it: Capybaras That Look Like Rafael Nadal.
  3. It’s been a loooong time since the first time I watched Harry Potter, but this is on point: This Is What It’s Like to Watch Harry Potter for the First Time. And on another HP note: New JK Rowling Story Offers a Peek at Grown-Up Harry, Ron, and Hermione.
  4. Yes: Seinfeld Emoji Are on Their Way.
  5. Fascinating, in a “Why yes, I am a literary nerd” kind of way: New Jane Austen Waxwork Uses Forensic Science to Model the “Real Jane.” (Sidenote: as proof of my literary nerdom, yes, I did visit the Jane Austen Centre mentioned in the article when I went to Bath years ago).
  6. I note the irony of this article appearing in Elle, a magazine that I’m sure is guilty of its fair share of photoshopping, but I still like the message: Colbie Caillat Is Tired of Being Photoshopped. Here’s What She Did About It.
  7. Always love a good mash-up: Frozen Is the New Black.
  8. Clever: Humorous Urban Interventions on the Streets of France.
  9. I’ve only been to #4, #5, #14, and #15, so clearly I have a lot of work to do: 25 Bakeries Around the World You Have to See Before You Die.
  10. Heh: Eloise: An Update.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 107

The weekly roundup of internet finds:

  1. I went 12 for 12, obviously: Can You Guess Famous Mean Girls Lines From Just a Freeze Frame?
  2. A pretty solid mashup: Hollywood Movie Dance Tribute.
  3. I mean…she’s the best, basically: Oscar Winner Helen Mirren’s Twerking Talents.
  4. Because why not: Downton Tabby.
  5. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you no doubt heard the news this week that J.K. Rowling regrets pairing off Ron and Hermione. This sums up my feelings on the matter perfectly: An Open Letter to J.K. Rowling.
  6. I’ve read a lot of articles about Philip Seymour Hoffman this past week, but this one is the most powerful: One of Ours: The New York Legacy of Philip Seymour Hoffman. Would have loved to see him play Willy Loman.
  7. Being overseas, I didn’t actually watch any of the Super Bowl (or the halftime show or 95% of the commercials), but I can still enjoy Super Bowl-related things nonetheless. Exhibit A: Aziz Ansari’s Imaginary Friday Night Light’s Super Bowl Was Better Than the Actual Super Bowl.
  8. The Full House guys reunited on Jimmy Fallon, and it was everything this ’90s child could have ever wanted.
  9. I’m pretty sure I remember a lot of these: 28 Valentine’s Day Cards You Haven’t Seen Since the ’90s.
  10. Pretty much sums up 99% of why I love the Winter Olympics: Entertainment Weekly’s Ice Skating Supercut.

Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 103

Start your 2014 off right by wasting your time on the internet, courtesy of this week’s link roundup:

  1. As an Instagram-obsessed individual (and undergrad history major), I love this website that combines History and Instagrams: Histagrams.
  2. Here is my most recent internet rabbit hole: I stumbled upon this lovely quotation from Johnny Cash. Then I did some digging and realized it was said in response to Vanity Fair‘s Proust Questionnaire. Then I remembered that the Proust Questionnaire is easily the best part of any given issue of Vanity Fair and found a whole archive of responses to it. And then I cried and realized I had just wasted two hours of time that I should have been studying for finals.
  3. As a big fan of the Red Wings during their mid to late ’90s heyday (along with pretty much everyone else in Michigan, to be honest), these pictures from the Red Wings Alumni Practice and from the Alumni Game make me smile. So many old favorites!
  4. On the off chance you didn’t realize Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome: 37 Times in 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He Was King of the Internet.
  5. My sister told me about this and it instantly shot to the top of my list of most amazing things ever: Josh Hutcherson Showed up to a Basketball Game and the Crowd Gave Him the Mockingjay Salute.
  6. Agree completely: I’m Still Not Over…How Ginny Was Mangled in the Harry Potter Films.
  7. Kind of asshole-ish, but still funny: The Perfect Solution to Obnoxiously Loud Public Cellphone Conversations.
  8. If you have 23 minutes of your life to waste: I Can’t Stop Watching the Best Vines of 2013.
  9. I really, really, really wish I could’ve seen Spring Awakening on Broadway with the original cast (I saw it in Chicago, but that’s just not the same). In the alternative, I’ll settle for watching this cast reunion video.
  10. I love French snarkiness: French Cafe Starts Charging Extra to Rude Customers.

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Shows That Will Make You Laugh: Book of Mormon and Potted Potter

If you’re looking for a night at the theater in NYC, there’s no shortage of options for you to try. Each time I visited the city in the past, I tried to see a play or musical, and this summer has been no exception. In addition to seeing Once for the second time (seeing Once twice, if you will), I recently saw two very funny shows at very different ends of the price spectrum.

book of mormon

First up, Book of Mormon, which has long been atop my list of musicals to see (and which was on my 27 for 27 list for that very reason). My first piece of advice about seeing Book of Mormon – albeit quite obvious advice – is to buy your tickets early. I bought tickets for a July performance way back in February, and even at five months out, options were quite slim. My second piece of advice: be prepared to shell out some dough. In my opinion, the show is worth the price of admission, but it definitely falls in the “splurge” category of entertainment.

As for the musical itself? Freaking hilarious. If you like irreverent humor, this is absolutely the show for you. If, however, you feel uncomfortable at the thought of people doing a jaunty dance number while repeatedly singing, “f*&$ you, God!,” then this is absolutely not the show for you. Luckily, I fall in the former category, so I thought the show was genius.

In fact, I loved everything about the experience, from the clever jokes to the super-catchy tunes to the cast. While it would have been cool to see the original leads perform the show, the guys who play the lead roles now (Matt Doyle and Cody Jamison Strand) were absolutely amazing. As you can tell, I can’t recommend this one enough.

potted potter

Also highly recommended? Potted Potter, a hilarious theater experience that will do much less damage to your wallet (my best friend and I were able to score a good price through a Living Social deal, but buying tickets through the regular box office is also relatively cheap). So what exactly is Potted Potter? In a nutshell, it’s a two man production that tells the story of all seven Harry Potter books in just 70 minutes.

The set is sparse (which the actors poke fun at); there are a few random, cheap props, and the fun is seeing the two guys tell the story with what little stuff they have. If you’re a fan of the books, you will love this show – there are lots of in-jokes that all true HP fans will be well aware of. The show also includes quite a bit of audience participation (like a game of Quidditch!), which is really fun – I was impressed with how well the actors improvised in reaction to the audience.

My takeaway after seeing both shows? Whatever your budget, there are always options for you if you want to have a good laugh during a night out in New York City.

Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 80

april ludgateApologies for it being a day later than usual, but here’s this week’s list of things that are awesome:

  1. Oh holy cute: 22 Things Poncho the Pug Is Better at Than You.
  2. Also really cute: Dog Takes Puppy on Journey in Shopping Cart.
  3. Recently, every movie I’ve seen has had amazing trailers before it. For example: The Way Way Back, Stuck in Love, About Time (just DYING to see this), Tiger Eyes, The Wolf of Wall Street (please note Leo dancing at the 1:34 mark), and The Spectacular Now.
  4. Here’s a pretty solid parody of Taylor Swift’s 22. Sidenote: I just realized I’m exactly halfway between 22 and 32, and I’m not sure which version I identify more with. Wait, no, that’s a lie – clearly 32.
  5. This is why April Ludgate is my spirit animal: The 20 Most Relatable April Ludgate Quotes.
  6. It was a big week to be a legal nerd, so it seems appropriate to link to Court Artist now. I find that blog so, so fascinating.
  7. In addition to all the SCOTUS happenings last week, Wendy Davis proved to be pretty awesome herself. You can’t truly comprehend how awesome until you’ve seen this: The Taiwanese Rendering of Last Night’s Filibuster is Perfectly Insane.
  8. I’m reluctantly getting on board with emoji, so…The 10 Best Emojis You Aren’t Using and Should Be.
  9. Harry is rated way too low, and I’m not sure how a freaking dementor made the list, but still: Ranking the 50 Hottest Dudes of the Harry Potter Movies.
  10. Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his late mother is just beautiful.

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