Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 132

The weekly-ish roundup of awesome internet finds:

  1. The decline of the show in a nutshell: Looking Back at the Most Awkward Sponsored Challenges on Project Runway.
  2. Using an apostrophe to pluralize is my number one grammar pet peeve (yes, I have many). Thus, this is awesome: How to Make Your Last Name Plural This Holiday Season.
  3. I would for sure eat a Cumbercupcake.
  4. The Onion gets it: Michigan Fans Thankful Program No Longer Relevant Enough to Be Humiliated on National Stage.
  5. Best gift ever: J.K. Rowling’s Christmas Present to You Is More Harry Potter Stories.
  6. Like I could love John Legend and Chrissy Teigen more.
  7. Any self-respecting Friends aficionado will get 100% on this quiz: The Friends Episode Where the Girls Lose the Apartment.
  8. Dying from all the cuteness: This Little Boy and His Rescue Dog Are Adorable Together.
  9. An interesting video project from the New York Times: 9 Kisses.
  10. Yesssss: The 2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 83

The weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. If you love You’ve Got Mail, then you will love this Onion article: Fox Books Files for Bankruptcy. And if you don’t love You’ve Got Mail, then you and I can never be friends.
  2. As someone who recently flew Spirit Airlines and loathed the experience, I heartily endorse this: FAA Report: Spirit Airlines Is the Fucking Worst (it really, truly is) (you cannot even get a tiny cup of water for free on a Spirir flight, FYI).
  3. Have mercy! Jesse & The Rippers reunited on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last weekend and it was amazing. Elementary school-aged Laura thought “Forever” was one of the most romantic songs ever (OMG, I just found the original Forever music video on YouTube and it is EPIC. I’m dying).
  4. There’s a new Catching Fire trailer! I’m probably more excited about this movie than an adult should be, to be honest. Also: Finnick.
  5. With Detroit filing for bankruptcy, there’s been a lot of chatter about the city this week. Here are two pieces I really liked: We Love Detroit, Even If You Don’t and Detroit’s Bankruptcy Paves the Way for Reinvention.
  6. Another good Detroit feature: Johnny Knoxville Explores the New D.
  7. This video is SO well done: The Wizard of Ahhhs. The talent and creativity of people never fails to amaze me.
  8. So, my mom and I are traveling to Ireland and London in August, and if this gigantic Mr. Darcy statue is still around London when we’re there, we are clearly paying it a visit. Completely pointless, yet completely awesome.
  9. New Study Names Michigan as College Football’s Most Engaged Fans. HAIL.
  10. Just because: The Carlos Danger Name Generator. I got Alfonso Hazard. What about you?

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Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 13

Here’s this week’s roundup of awesomeness:

  1. 45 Ridiculous Pictures of Boy Bands. I seriously have no words for how awesome these pictures are. HOW on earth did we ever have “crushes” on these guys? I think my favorite is #13 – you tell ’em, Donnie Wahlberg. Or #40 – WHO thought that picture was a good idea?
  2. This is amazing. I love Love Actually, and I love that someone thought of this. See how I used “love” in that sentence three times?
  3. The Facebook History of the World. Wow. Just wow. Whoever came up with this (and spent hours. Days? Weeks?) actually making it is my hero. So funny. There are a lot of great parts, but my personal favorite is during the Crusades section: “Common Sense is no longer friends with Religion.” Oh, snap.
  4. The 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2011. Did I cry while scrolling through these? That would be too embarrassing to admit. So, clearly, yes, I did.
  5. A comparison of American vs. International magazine covers. Very interesting…
  6. Damn You Autocorrect is always fun, but this compilation of the 25 best autocorrects from the last year is hilarious. The ones that made me laugh the hardest? 22, 18, 16, and 8. So horrifying.
  7. I very rarely hand write anything anymore, and yet I covet these lovely journals.
  8. I already knew it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine, but in case you want further proof – we’ve got the best stadium in college football.
  9. This is my life right now. Dammit, law school.
  10. I’ll admit that I love the gazillion “best of” and “top 10” lists that come out at the end of the year. Here are Twitter’s Hot Topics for 2011. Pretty interesting. But my question is – who the hell is tweeting about Pretty Little Liars, Thor, and the Green Hornet? Really?

Want more awesome? As you wish.

Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 12

(image via GQ)

This week’s most awesome finds:

  1. Odds Are, You Probably Don’t Exist. A fascinating idea to consider.
  2. I’ve pretty much given up on Glee; I quit watching after the first episode of this season because it’s gotten downright awful at times. However, I saw this clip floating around the internet and I have to say it’s an amazing mash-up. You can’t go wrong with Adele.
  3. Those Who Stay Will Redeem Themselves – probably my favorite article about last weekend’s victory over Ohio State.
  4. Okay, these vintage ads are decidedly not awesome, but they did make me laugh at how ridiculous they are. They are all offensive, but my personal vote for the worst would be: Most men ask, “is she pretty?,” not, “is she clever?”
  5. I love this so much – Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are two of GQ’s Men of the Year, and their interview and pictures together make me so happy. Adorable.
  6. This video, where Diane von Furstenberg talks about her travel philosophy, is great. First, I love DvF (one of the all-time most stylish women). Second, the illustrations are so charming.
  7. This sounds like the best trip ever. Aziz Ansari AND David Chang in Tokyo, drinking Zima? Hilarity ensues.
  8. Nostalgia Fact-Check: a series of blog posts on New York Magazine’s website, re-examining old movies/TV shows/music. This is such a fun idea (and perhaps one I might steal for my own blog?). I especially love the posts on Dawson’s Creek and Ace of Base – two things that, I’ll admit, I loved way back in the day, but that don’t hold up quite so well now.
  9. I found this compilation of analogies, and some of them are hilarious (some hilariously good, others hilariously bad). I have no idea why, but I think I liked this one the best: “The little boat gently drifted across the pond exactly the way a bowling ball wouldn’t.”
  10. I can’t believe I’ve never seen this before. Damn right, that’s hurting my scar. I’ll never be able to hear “Milkshake” the same way again.

Check it: The Awesome Archives

Oh how I hate…

Until I went to Michigan, I never really thought about Ohio State. I knew the school existed, of course, but I never cared about it or considered it much. It was just any other school, like Texas or Northwestern or Gonzaga (well, not like Gonzaga, because that school has an awesome name. Consequently, I pick them to win my March Madness bracket every single year. Also, I know nothing about college basketball.)

Anyway. The moment you come to Michigan, you hate Ohio State. You may have known OSU alums, you may have once had a fun time in Ohio while visiting Cedar Point, and you may have never considered our neighbors to the south particularly offensive before. But, once you get here, you suddenly realize it: you hate Ohio State. You just do. Irrationally and absolutely.

One thing I enjoy about the entire week leading up to this game is that there’s so much trash-talking and making fun of Ohio State among friends, on Facebook, on Twitter, in blogs, etc. And, I have to admit, it is endlessly amusing to me. Here are a few things I found this year that made me laugh:

  • The picture above. Spelling is tough!
  • Ah, the rigorous academic life of an Ohio State football player. (“Even if you’re giving minimal effort there is no way you can fail.”)
  • OSU students celebrate rivalry week by jumping into a cesspool. Gross.

While I fully realize that sometimes Michigan has to make fun of Ohio St. about academics because we haven’t been bringing it so much with the football lately, I still find it terribly funny. Hopefully, today we change our recent losing trend. But even if we don’t, at the end of the day, I’ll still be 100% proud to be a Michigan Wolverine.


Football Saturdays

When I was a freshman (cough cough, SEVEN years ago. How did that happen?), I ordered football tickets because it basically seemed like the thing to do. I did not have any particular interest in football. But, it was part of attending college at Michigan, right?

Over the next four years, I totally fell in love with football Saturdays. To me, there is almost nothing that more perfectly encapsulates the college experience at U of M. They are a big, big deal.

Now I’m back, and I’m older. I still have season tickets, though I’ve been to far fewer games than normal this year and don’t tend to go all out for games anymore. But, it’s still Michigan football. And it’s still wonderful.

What are the things I love about Michigan football? The fight song. The hot dogs (a pre-game tradition for Manna and me. I don’t think we ever skipped this). All the different chants you do at various points during the game (jangling keys, “you suck,” etc). The walk to the big house, where you’re buoyed along in a sea of maize and blue. Bongo man. Befriending random people who have seats near yours. Halftime shows from the marching band. Doing the wave (once at normal speed, once super fast, once super slow). Always being “part of the largest crowd watching a football game in America today.” Hating OSU/Notre Dame/MSU. And tradition, tradition, tradition.

Here’s  a look back at my history with the awesomeness that is Michigan football.

2004: At the Michigan/Michigan State game. It was FREEZING (yes, the all-caps are merited here – we arrived in t-shirts and tanks, and by the time the game finished it had gotten cold and miserable). Most people left, but we stayed, and Michigan staged an awesome comeback victory. One of my favorite football memories.

2005: With our seating group (Team Toastman for the win!). Love these guys.

2006: In which we take the most epic series of football pictures ever. We really loved the free pom poms.

2007: With Manna and Sara. We spent significant amounts of time each game taking random self portraits of ourselves from different angles.

2009: Returning as an alum for the first time, and reunited with so many of my favorite people.

2011: Last week, at the Purdue game. My seats are really excellent this year – so close to the field! Row 4, baby.

GO BLUE! Always.