Oreo cupcakes

For the family reunion at Hamilton Lake, I was tasked with making a dessert. Since I have several little cousins, I wanted to make a fun, kid-friendly cupcake. And, since one of my little cousins is allergic to peanuts, I steered clear of my initial dream of making Snickers cupcakes. I ended up settling on Oreo cupcakes, which seemed equally fun (and delicious).

I used the recipe from Annie’s Eats and was overall super pleased with the results – and, most importantly, I think all the little kids (and adults) were too.

If (er, more likely when) I make these cupcakes again, I would do a few things differently. My lessons learned:

  • When crushing the oreo crumbs for the frosting, making sure to really crush them into small bits. I had a couple larger chunks in there, and they kept clogging the tube when I went to pipe the frosting on. Super frustrating.
  • This might be self evident to some, but it’s a good idea not to put the oreo cookie halves on top of the cupcakes until just before serving. I did this the day before, and they were pretty mushy by the time we got around to eating them. It kind of reminded me of how Oreos get after you dunk them in milk – which isn’t actually unpleasant at all, but probably is not the consistency you’re going for on a cupcake.



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