Roadtrip, anyone?

I was reading Travel + Leisure magazine’s annual “best of” issue last week and was intrigued by their list of the top 10 cities for different regions of the world. What I found the most interesting? On their list of the top 10 cities in Europe, I’ve been to 9 of 10. On their list of the top 10 cities in the US and Canada, I’ve been to just 2. Apparently, I’ve lived in the US for my entire life and haven’t really seen any of it.

Before I even saw the list, I’d actually been thinking about the idea in general. I love Europe and feel super lucky to have gone there so many times over the past 5 or so years. I’ve always had this burning desire to travel, to get away from the US, but maybe in my rush to get away, I’ve been missing out on fantastic things that have been right here all along.

On the T+L list, there were a couple destinations that I already have on my own “must-see” list, like New Orleans, Vancouver, and San Francisco.

But, in thinking about the T+L list, I also came up with a few more places that were not included, but that I’m dying to visit. So, I’m putting it in writing – in the future (you know, once I finish grad school and have real money again), I’m not going to forget about the good old USA (and our friendly neighbors to the north) when I make my vacation plans. Here are some of my own North American must-sees:

Montreal, for the cozy ambiance and Parisian vibe:

(via Pinterest)

Napa Valley, for the wine:

(via Pinterest)

Seattle, for the fish market, coffee, and rainy charm:

(via Pinterest)

Austin, for the music scene:

(via Pinterest)

Philadelphia, for the history major nerd within me:

(via Pinterest)

The Grand Canyon, for marveling at nature:

(via Pinterest)

And Hawaii, for the chance to relax among stunning beauty:

(via Pinterest)


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