Creamy chicken enchiladas

I have to admit – I picked this recipe, and then a few days later, when it actually came time to make it, I was feeling less than enthusiastic. I think I was picturing the enchiladas that you always get in crappy Mexican restaurants – which are drenched in gloppy, unappealing sauce. These, however, were excellent. Not too much sauce – just the right amount to make them moist and flavorful.

I sprinkled my enchiladas with green onions and cheese – and I love me some green onions, so I used a lot of them. You can also add tomatoes or salsa atop them, if you prefer (but I am tomato-phobic, so I opted not to).

And if you have an enchilada or two with an ear of fresh corn, it’s a delightful (and colorful) summer meal:

Source: Better Homes and Gardens

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