Ann Arbor Bucket List

When I chose to go to college at the University of Michigan, I wasn’t all that excited, to be honest. But the school won me over, and I ended up absolutely loving it (and finding it impossible to even contemplate what it would have been like to go anywhere else). A big part of that was because I ended up loving Ann Arbor so much. I think the reason is because Ann Arbor isn’t a super-crowded big city, but it still has such a variety of cultural and culinary attractions.

But, I’ve always had a nagging regret that I didn’t take full enough advantage of Ann Arbor’s awesomeness during my four years of undergrad (I mean, seriously, how have I never had brunch at Angelo’s??). So, when I made the decision to return to Michigan for law school, I sensed an opportunity to right that wrong.

In that spirit, I’ve compiled my “Ann Arbor Bucket List,” a list of all those things I’m planning to work in over the next 3 years. Some are things I’ve done before – quintessential Ann Arbor experiences that naturally must be repeated. And the others are things I missed the first time around but am determined not to miss again. As I check things off my list, I’ll be posting recaps here.

And here we go:

  1. Have a sandwich at Zingerman’s – DONE
  2. Go sledding in the Arb
  3. Walk on the field at the Big House
  4. See a movie at the State Theater – DONE
  5. Take pictures of the Law Quad in the fall
  6. Grab a drink at Comet Coffee – DONE
  7. Eat Hippie Hash at the Fleetwood Diner
  8. Karaoke at the Heidelberg
  9. Have dinner at Palio
  10. Eat at the Gandy Dancer
  11. Drink the sangria at Cafe Habana
  12. Have drinks and tapas at Rush Street
  13. Go to Top of the Park
  14. Share a shark bowl at Rick’s
  15. Have breakfast at Angelo’s
  16. Volunteer at Mott Children’s Hospital
  17. Eat at Jerusalem Garden
  18. Eat at Seva
  19. Eat at Sava’s (yes, 18 and 19 are different) – DONE
  20. Have a Collider at Rod’s Diner – DONE
  21. Have ice cream from Stucchi’s
  22. Visit the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology
  23. Go to the Wave Field
  24. Eat at Afternoon Delight
  25. Drink a foreign beer at Ashley’s
  26. Have brunch at Cafe Zola – DONE
  27. Eat at Grange Kitchen and Bar
  28. Drink Constant Buzz with old friends at Dominick’s
  29. Eat at the Jolly Pumpkin – DONE
  30. Visit the Farmer’s Market in Kerrytown – DONE
  31. Stargaze at the observatory atop Mason Hall
  32. Have onion rings at Blimpy Burger – DONE
  33. Go to a hockey game
  34. Eat the lobster bisque at Le Dog – DONE
  35. Eat at Mani Osteria – DONE
  36. Spend an afternoon wandering around the art museum
  37. Go to the Art Fair in the summer
  38. Shop at Blue House Ann Arbor
  39. Make a late night Big Ten Burrito run
  40. Buy smoked salmon at Tracklements and make my own bagel with it
  41. Visit the Exhibit Museum of Natural History
  42. Go to a movie or concert at Michigan Theater
  43. Browse Westside Books
  44. Eat at Selma Cafe
  45. Have a margarita at Prickly Pear – DONE
  46. Explore North Campus
  47. Have breakfast at the Broken Egg – DONE
  48. See a performance at the Power Center
  49. Browse the shops in Nickels Arcade
  50. Eat at Mark’s Carts – DONE
  51. Have dinner and wine at Vinology – DONE
  52. Eat a Fragel at Bagel Fragel
  53. Grab a sandwich from Kosmopolitan Deli
  54. Eat at Jamaican Jerk Pit
  55. Eat at the Blue Nile – DONE
  56. Buy a baked good from Jefferson Market and Cakery
  57. Browse Monahan’s Seafood Market
  58. Buy chocolate from Schakolad – DONE
  59. Have a cupcake from the Cupcake Station – DONE
  60. Eat at Frita Batido’s – DONE

Sixty. Wow. That seems like a lot, but I have three years, so really – 20 a year? Not bad. Let’s do this.

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