A2 Bucket List: the Jolly Pumpkin

Number 29 on my Ann Arbor Bucket List was to eat at the Jolly Pumpkin, a quirky little restaurant on Main Street. After moving into my new digs at the Law Quad, my parents and I grabbed dinner there.

We all really loved it. It had an awesome seasonal menu and fun decor (see: the chandelier made of kitchen utensils. Should’ve taken a picture of that!). They also brew their own beers – I opted for a cocktail this time, but I’d definitely like to return and sample them.

I started with a blackbird cocktail (blackberries, gin, and many other things I can’t remember). It was delicious, but not too strong. We shared truffle fries as an appetizer – I think these were actually my favorite part of the whole meal:

I opted for an entree from their seasonal menu and wound up with the skillet roasted chicken-truffled cream corn (say that 5 times fast). The chicken was really good, but my favorite part was actually the creamed corn, which I wouldn’t have expected to enjoy so much:

Their dessert menu looked great too – the pumpkin whoopie pies were calling my name – but we were all too full at that point to have any more food. I thought it was an excellent meal and would definitely go back; all in all, it was the perfect start to my bucket list. 1 down, 59 to go!

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