Back in the Day: Dad + Me

I have tons of old photographs, and I’ve been wanting to do a “Back in the Day” series to chronicle some of my memories from, well, back in the day. Since it’s my dad’s birthday today, I figured I might as well start there. Here are ten of my favorite memories from my childhood:

  1. After dinner when I’d go play outside, my dad would call me over and then spray me through the window with the sink nozzle.
  2. Once I asked my dad if we could “drive through” McDonald’s. So, he drove through the parking lot, pulled back out onto the street, and then took me home. Very Amelia Bedelia of him.
  3. Dad always used to take me on “secret” ice cream runs. Shields Dairy Bar and Fuzzy’s (both in Saginaw) were among our usual spots. My favorite ice cream flavors were Blue Moon, Superman, and Mint Chocolate Chip.
  4. For Christmas one year, dad handmade Janelle and I dollhouses for our Barbies.
  5. Every night, either my mom or dad would read to me before bed. With dad, I generally read the Boxcar Kids series or the Goosebumps series. Our favorite Goosebumps book was “Night of the Living Dummy.” Remember Slappy the dummy?!?
  6. One time, my dad placed an order at a drive-through in a Yogi Bear voice.
  7. While up north with family one summer, I remember my dad buying a squirt gun at Meijer’s and then ambushing my Uncle Mark in the parking lot with it.
  8. One time, my dad cut a hole in the bottom of a plastic contain, stuck his thumb up through it, dumped some ketchup on it, and told me he had cut his thumb off. Gross!
  9. Dad used always tell me and my friends Eric and Kyle that there was a dinosaur in our basement.
  10. Dad loves roller coasters, and he made me love them too. His rule? You must keep your hands in the air for the duration of the entire ride.

Looking at my list, the common theme seems to be my dad playing practical jokes on me. You can’t say he doesn’t have a great sense of humor. Happy birthday, popsicle.

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