Back in the Day: School Memories

In honor of my first day of law school (gulp), here’s a picture of a long ago first day of school – I believe it was my first day of third grade, and Janelle’s first day of kindergarten. And also, here’s a look back at some of my memories from elementary school. It was hard to narrow down the list, but I thought one per school year would be fun:

  • Kindergarten: Every year, on the Friday before the Michigan vs. Michigan State game, we had to wear the colors of our favorite team. My dad went to MSU, so I arrived at school clad in green and white. Unbeknownst to me, all my closest friends came from families who rooted for Michigan – so I was the odd one out. During recess, they all sat in the reading train and wouldn’t let me get in with them because I was wearing MSU colors! Kids can be so cruel.
  • First grade: Our desks used to be clustered in groups of 4, with all of us facing inwards at each other. One afternoon, while we were reading our Weekly Readers, one of the kids in my group threw up, and it got all over everyone’s desks. I know that’s gross, but that’s the only first grade memory that jumped out at me.
  • Second grade: My teacher (Mrs. Maidlow) loved pigs – she had a collection of figurines, posters, and other knick knacks. So, my best friend and I (suck ups that we were) went to the park, collected a bunch of pink colored stones, and glued them to a piece of cardboard in the shape of a pig.
  • Third grade: We had to research a historical character and then dress up as them to give a presentation. I was Pocahontas, and my report mentioned something about how Pocahontas went to London and sailed up the Thames River. But, I could not for the life of me remember how to pronounce “Thames” – I was terrified to mess it up in my presentation, and I’m pretty sure I did, even though my mom told me how to say it like 10 times.
  • Fourth grade: I went to a small school, so if you were advanced in a certain subject, there wasn’t really anyone extra available to teach you. A group of 4 or 5 of us would go into the hallway to work on more advanced math on our own. I remember we used to waste so much time/do so many sneaky things out there. Also, my fourth grade “boyfriend” asked me out in the hallway during math time – only not directly, he asked it and had the message passed down the row to me. Ah, young love.
  • Fifth grade: We had a multiplication battle with the fourth graders, where each class stood in a line and then two people at a time came up and had to race to be the first to solve a multiplication problem. The loser sat down; the winner went to the back of her grade’s line – and the last class standing won. Fifth grader after fifth grader lost, until it was just me against like 15 fourth graders. And I beat them, one by one, and won the competition for the fifth grade. Triumph.
  • Sixth grade: I went to a Catholic school, and we used to periodically have to go to confession. Our entire class would go to the chapel, and then we’d each go in, one by one, to confess. This took quite awhile, and you had to sit there in silence while others took their turns. To pass the time, my friend Keri and I started to time peoples’ confessions. Our teacher caught us, and needless to say she wasn’t pleased.

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