Where I Was

I was in second period, econ. We were reading to ourselves. Another teacher came in and told us to turn on the TV. We turned on the TV. We saw the footage of the World Trade Center. We didn’t quite understand what was going on. I moved onto third period. My chem teacher gave us a recap, in a very calm voice: “This is what we know has happened so far.” I moved through the rest of the day. I don’t remember it so much – I know people were talking about it, I know most classes had TVs on in the background. I remember getting into my Mom’s car at the end of the day and her telling me that my uncle, who worked at the Pentagon, was fine. I remember getting an email from my dad, who was on a business trip in Europe at the time, explaining how folks were reacting there. I remember we ordered Chinese takeout from the Golden Dragon that night, and watched the TV coverage 24/7.

I’m not going to attempt to say anything big or profound about it. It’s not something you can make sense of so easily. But that’s where I was, when it happened.

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