A2 Bucket List: Le Dog

Number 34 on my Ann Arbor Bucket List was to eat the lobster bisque at Le Dog. I had planned to tackle this once it got a little chillier because soup is definitely a cold weather food. But, this being Michigan and all, we went from 90 plus degrees and heat advisories last week to rain and unseasonably chilly (even for Michigan) weather this week. And so, I knew last Friday was the day, because so many factors were conspiring in its favor:

  1. I was walking down Liberty Street
  2. It was rainy and chilly
  3. I had cash in my wallet (which I never do, and which you need for Le Dog)
  4. It was Friday, and you can only get the lobster bisque on Thursday or Friday

So, yeah, everything seemed to be just about right for my inaugural visit.

Before we get to the food, a little background information. I’ll be honest – I walked by Le Dog many times during undergrad without giving it a second glance. One, it’s kind of an unassuming shack-like building (see next photo). Two, it’s almost always closed – it’s only open on weekdays, from 11:30am-2pm. So, chances are, even if you did notice it, it would not be open at that moment.

But, I’d recently read – in numerous sources – that the soup at Le Dog was really, really good. I have no idea why I wasn’t aware of this fact during undergrad, but there it is. And, I had also heard that the lobster bisque was their signature item – so naturally that’s what I had to have.

So, I ended up with the lobster bisque ($6) and a Zingerman’s pretzel roll ($1), and it was a nice little meal, especially for a rainy day. The soup was good – I’m not a huge fan of lobster, so I don’t know if I’d classify it as “great,” but it was really tasty. And also? Really, really brightly colored. I mean, like, shockingly orangey-pink.

I definitely plan to go back in the future – there are a lot of delicious-sounding soups waiting to be tried.

4 down, 56 to go!

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