Pop Culture Confessions: Movies

I like making lists. I like watching movies. So, why not make a list about watching movies? Here are 10 of my movie confessions:

  1. I love cheesy romantic comedies. I don’t care if they are technically bad movies. Some examples? Leap Year. 27 Dresses. Chasing Liberty.
  2. My favorite Woody Allen movie is Match Point. But that is probably because I have only seen 2 Woody Allen movies – Match Point and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I went to a showing of Annie Hall at Screen on the Green the summer I interned in DC, and I fell asleep. Yes, I’m ashamed.
  3. I got Grease for my 12th birthday. I think I watched it every single day thereafter for months.
  4. The movies that sum up my childhood are the Sandlot, Now and Then, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Homeward Bound, and Beethoven. All classics.
  5. One summer up north when I was in elementary school, my cousin Joseph taught me about all the secret bad parts in Disney movies (e.g. the word “sex” written in the sky in the Lion King).
  6. I saw Titanic in theaters 6 times. Once for the first time, once for my birthday, once on a snow day, once with my cousin Becca, once with my cousin Sarah, and one more time of indeterminate nature. I bought it when it came out on VHS, and I used to watch only the first tape – the second half was just too sad.
  7. When they re-issued the Star Wars trilogy, my family would go see the movies with another family we were friends with. I remember my dad and Mr. A would make embarrassing Wookie noises during the movie. Totally mortifying.
  8. After I saw American Beauty in the theater, I walked out and said it was the worst movie I had ever seen. I think I was just too young to appreciate it – it’s actually pretty solid upon rewatching.
  9. After I went to Italy in summer 2005, I came home and, slightly depressed, watched a marathon of Italy-related movies – like Roman Holiday and Gladiator.
  10. In high school, my friends and I went to see the third Lord of the Rings movie. Right before the climactic battle scene (Aragorn has just ridden by his troops on horseback to rally them), the movie screen went black. The theater couldn’t fix it, and we all had to come back to see the rest of the movie later. So disappointing!

5 thoughts on “Pop Culture Confessions: Movies

  1. I DO LOVE Lord of the rings, laura. Gladiator as well.

    Vigo Mortensen and Orlando Bloom are such a great pair of actors.

    Your name (Laura) is a very typically spanish name. yeah, spanish, like Rafa Nadal lol 🙂
    (I read you like him 🙂
    See you and congratz for being FPressed

  2. I think it was my kids who showed me there was a (clothed) erection during the wedding scene in The Little Mermaid. This was way before dvd players and we had to go frame by frame to see it.How do kids find out about these things?

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