Catching up with the Classics: The Sound of Music

Nearly every Easter, I have a tradition: I watch about an hour of the Ten Commandments, and then fall asleep/get bored/stop watching the subsequent two hours. I’ve seen Moses float down the river in a basket, the plagues, the burning bush, and the parting of the sea tons of times. But everything that comes after those parts? Not so much.

It occurred to me recently that I have the same problem with the Sound of Music. When I actually thought about it, I realized I couldn’t remember ever sitting down and watching the entire movie, start to finish. I know I’ve seen the beginning parts a ton of times, and I vaguely remember watching them escape the Nazis once or twice, but I don’t remember anything in the middle.

Because I recently visited Salzburg, this seemed like a travesty. I rectified this situation before I left for law school, and watched the movie with my family. Here are my thoughts:

  • I love, LOVE, love this movie. It is one of those movies that just makes you happy. The music and the storyline and the joy.
  • Christopher Plummer was sexy back in the day. This is very akin to my Al Pacino in the Godfather revelation.
  • My family and I found so much unintentional humor in the character of Gretl. If you pay attention, so often she’s just giving a blank stare or appearing confused. Oh, poor little Gretl.
  • This will sound obvious, but, seriously, is there a movie with better music? Every song is so catchy and so fun. Did my family kind of sing along at some parts? Well, that would be too embarrassing a question to answer.
  • I am sorry, but if you can watch the scenes where Captain Von Trapp reacts to his children singing without tearing up, you’re made of stone. So beautiful.

My grade: A+

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