Etsy Love: Graphic Map Prints

Like many first year law students at Michigan, I’m living in the Lawyers Club, which is basically a glorified dorm for law students. Our Law Quad is fantastically beautiful (for proof, Google image it, or click here), but in the end, the rooms are pretty much like any other ordinary dorm room, which is to say lots of vast, off-white, bumpy walls that you cannot really nail things into. Since it seems like undergrad was eons ago, I had sorta forgotten about this, and I came equipped with a ton of framed photographs to hang. Foiled! For the first week or so, I spent my time staring at blank, ugly walls. Depressing. I need pretty things to help me get through all this reading, you know?

Enter: Etsy, one of my favorite websites and the solution to many a decorating problem. I knew I wanted travel-related prints, and I wanted them to be graphic/modern. Bonus points if they were maps.

I ended up picking three of my favorite cities in Europe (London, Paris, Rome) and searching for those. Even narrowing it down that far left me with a ton of results to sift through – and that’s one of the dangerous things about Etsy; you can literally get lost in it for hours. Especially if, you know, you have homework to do.

After searching for awhile, here’s what I came up with:

Yes, the wall is still blindingly white. But, I’m really happy with my purchases – and my room is a little more cheerful for it, too.


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