A2 Bucket List: The Cupcake Station

I love cupcakes. And, it seems, everyone loves cupcakes. And I’m not just taking the word of this sign; on Pinterest, my “Let Them Eat Cupcakes” pinboard is – by far – my most followed/liked/repinned board.

So, when I see a cupcake shop, I am always game. This summer, I checked out the Cupcake Station in Ferndale and loved it. Then, I learned that there was also a branch in Ann Arbor. Obviously, it became a must-do.

And so, number 59 on my Ann Arbor Bucket List was to have a cupcake at the Cupcake Station. Last week, I walked to the corner of State and Liberty and did just that.

The first thing to say is that it was hard to select my cupcake. There are so many delicious-sounding options to choose from. And they’re all so pretty!

In the end, I wound up with this loot (to share). Doesn’t it look mouth-watering?

Clockwise from top left, we have Samoa,  Cream Francais, Red Velvet, and Campfire, which is their special cupcake for September. Let me just hit you with their description of this cupcake:

“Our signature Dark Chocolate Cake filled and frosted with Marshmallow Buttercream, rolled in Graham Cracker Crumbs, finished with Chocolate Chips and a Graham Cracker.”

Ummmm, wow. In the immortal words of Rachel Zoe: I die.

Here’s a closer look at that bad boy. Not the best picture, but you get the idea. It was SO. DELICIOUS. Why don’t they have this every month?

One last thing to note – on the side of the Cupcake Station’s shop, they have painted the following words. After my visit, I can assure you this – they ain’t lying.

5 down, 55 to go!

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