Friday Afternoon Shopping in A2

My class schedule shakes out so that Tuesday and Wednesday are pretty awful, but the rest of the days of the week aren’t too shabby. And, in particular, Friday is awesome – just one class, first thing in the morning, and then freeeeeeedom!

Right now, things aren’t too crazy. The reading isn’t unmanageable, the panic about exams/internships/everything hasn’t really started yet, and I still have time to actually, you know, enjoy Ann Arbor. And so I do.

A couple weeks ago, I had to go to my bank (which inconveniently only has a branch on Main Street), so I decided to take the opportunity to browse through some stores on the way. I didn’t buy anything (after all, I’m a poor grad student), but I had a lot of fun browsing. And, as I was walking, I kept seeing restaurants and shops that are either new to Ann Arbor or that I simply hadn’t noticed before – there’s so many more places to visit!

First stop was Avtomobile (which I gather is actually pronounced automobile). This was a really cute store – a fun mix of random vintage things and Michigan-themed gear.

They also had lots of fun little treasures:

I loved this stack of Michigan sweatshirts:

And they make their own Michigan graphic t-shirts. These were pretty awesome; I almost caved and bought one:

Next stop was Cherry Republic, which features cherries in pretty much every imaginable configuration. I love stores with Michigan-made products.

They also had cherry soda, which I wanted to buy for the name alone – Boomchuggalugga. Awesome.

And, how polite of them:

Then, it was off to 10,000 Villages, which has long been one of my favorite stops on Main Street. They always have such unique products from artisans all around the world.

I loved these heart shaped stones:

And I thought the packaging on these chocolates was really fun:

Finally, I passed by the Selo/Shevel Gallery, which always has the best window displays. I didn’t actually go inside, but I had fun checking out the displays. This one was my favorite:

And finally, I went here. But that’s the subject of a whole ‘nother post 🙂

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