A2 Bucket List: Zingerman’s Deli

Number 1 on my Ann Arbor Bucket list was to have a sandwich at Zingerman’s.

What can I say about Zingerman’s that hasn’t already been said somewhere by someone else? It’s an Ann Arbor institution. It’s delicious. It’s a tad bit pricey. Aziz Ansari loves it. And, it is fantastic.

First, I spent some time browsing around the shop. So many cool products for sale. It’s times like these I wish I was still employed and could spend $40 on a bottle of olive oil.

Then, while I waited for my sandwich, I stopped by their bakery next door and grabbed some gelato. Back story: I read in People magazine that Mario Batali loves their ginger gelato. My first reaction was: that’s disgusting. Ginger gelato? I mean, doesn’t that sound kind of strange? My second reaction was: I’m going to try it and find out for sure.

Verdict: it’s pretty tasty, actually. A little too ginger-y for me, but I guess that’s kind of implicit in the name. It’s definitely not a gelato I’d select on a regular basis, but it was an interesting experience. I’d give it an unexpected thumbs up.

Finally, the main reason for my visit – a sandwich. I chose the #27, “Pat and Dick’s Honeymooner,” which is described as “smoked turkey breast, Wisconsin muenster & sweet-hot honeycup mustard on grilled challah bread.” It was yummy, but the “sweet-hot” mustard was a little heavy on the “hot” for me. I also got a gigantic pickle. When they asked me if I wanted a “big” pickle, I forgot that when they say big, they aren’t kidding. That thing was huge. But delicious. (I really want to say “that’s what she said” right now, but that’s way too immature, right?)

Anyway…here it is:

And that was my glorious day at Zingerman’s. 6 down, 54 to go!

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