Pop Culture Confessions: TV

Following up on my movie confessions, here’s another set of ten, this time related to television:

  1. I pretend the two Sex and the City movies don’t exist. The last episode was basically perfect. The movies ruined it. Therefore, they are not real.
  2. I believe any situation in life can be related to an episode of Friends. I have scientifically proven this many times over the years. Doing laundry? Better use UberWeiss! Are two people meant to be? That’s because he’s her lobster! Lost while sightseeing? Time to get in the map!
  3. I loved Dawson’s Creek in middle school. I recently watched a few season one episodes and was floored by how awkward the acting was and how forced the dialogue sounded. Perspective.
  4. I know this is a popularly-held opinion, but I think Jim Halpert is pretty much the perfect man.
  5. In the 4th grade, my friends and I used to discuss Melrose Place with our teacher. I’m almost certain this was inappropriate.
  6. For my best friend’s last birthday, I bought her the 2 biggest wine glasses I could find, labeled them “Big Joe” and “Big Carl,” and gave them to her along with the Cougar Town season 1 DVD.
  7. One Halloween, my dad dressed up as Wilson from Home Improvement – he built a miniature fence and strapped it to himself. I still think of this as the most creative Halloween costume I’ve ever seen.
  8. Sometimes when I’m home alone, I feel a strong urge to blare the song “Mama’s Coming Out,” drink wine, and stumble around my apartment a la Lucille Bluth. Not that I’ve ever actually done this…
  9. Remember when Grey’s Anatomy used to be a great show? During the Super Bowl episode where a man has a bomb inside of him, my roommate literally shrieked on multiple occasions because the tension was just too much for her. This was sophomore year and we were living in the West Quad dorms – needless to say, I was a little embarrassed.
  10. In high school, my friends and I used to get together on Sunday nights and watch Alias. We were all obsessed with it and we all had our own theories/predictions about what was going on. That show was SO good circa seasons 1 and 2. After that, it pretty much went downhill.

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