Downton Abbey

After seeing it do so well at the Emmys, I decided to start watching Downton Abbey, a fabulous Masterpiece Theater miniseries. Conveniently, it was available for streaming on Netflix, and I quickly became semi-obsessed with the show. I would say it’s the best British miniseries since Pride and Prejudice (which I also adore. Colin Firth with a wet shirt; can’t beat that), but since it’s also perhaps the only British miniseries I’ve watched since Pride and Prejudice, that might be slightly unfair. Nonetheless, it’s really, really good.

(Sidenote: was I the only one whose mind was completely blown when I realized the show was called DownTON and not DownTOWN? Apparently I misread it in every article, because when I heard it pronounced at the Emmys I was shocked).

Anyway…the show. It’s super addictive. I got through season one (seven episodes) in just a few days, and stayed up way later than I should have a couple times, just so I could keep watching. I love so many things about it: the period fashion (oh so fabulous), the romance, the games and intrigue that go on amongst the servants, and a million other details.

But, hands down, one of my very favorite parts of the show is Maggie Smith, whose character is hilariously snobby. I recently found this compilation of her best zingers – all of them are great. But, my favorite, and the one I literally laughed out loud at when I heard it, was this gem: “What is a weekend?” It may not make sense in the context of this paragraph, but trust me – watch the show and you’ll get it. And probably become completely obsessed too.

Season two is already airing in the UK, but apparently won’t be airing in the US until January. What am I going to do until then??

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