Fashion for the Birds

Over the years, I have had a roller-coaster relationship with Project Runway. I was a huge fan of the early glory days (which, to me, is anything circa seasons 2-4). And while I watched seasons 5-8, I have shockingly little memory of them. The contestants were blah, the fashions were blah, and don’t even get me started on the woeful choice to move the show to LA for one sad, lost season.

But, yeah, I think Project Runway is back this year. The group of designers is solid, with a mixture of folks who are super talented and folks who are super entertaining. I’m enjoying it so much that I thought I’d do a little recap here. Here are my thoughts on this episode, where pairs of designers competed head-to-head to create fashions inspired by birds:

Viktor vs. Kimberly:

  • Viktor: I loved how flow-y his dress was, and that it was very understated and soft. It was yellow and striking, but softly so, if that makes any sense? Like the judges said, it was a very literal interpretation of the challenge, but I liked it, so I can’t fault him for that. Plus, I give him 2 cool points for not pointing out that Kimberly copied him. High road, meet Viktor. Viktor, high road. BTW, Viktor is my pick to win it all. He has been so consistently good lately.
  • Kimberly: Liked the accents on her dress: the sparkly strip and the leather belt. At first I thought I might like it more than Viktor’s, but after thinking about it for a bit, how is it possible to say it’s not a straight up copy of Viktor’s? I mean, with all her mishaps, she obviously started way after he did, so…isn’t this a little shady? And, the more I looked at this dress, the more it reminded me of a typical red carpet dress – so, not exactly groundbreaking.
  • My Pick: Viktor
  • Judges’ Pick: Kimberly

Bert vs. Joshua:

  • Bert: The top was confusing me – something about it just looked wrong, and it was too stiff, almost like it was a piece of cardboard sprayed with metallic paint. I liked the colors peeking out the bottom of the dress, but the slit was a little too high and I found it awkward that he placed it dead center.
  • Joshua: Whoa, hello color! I thought it was daring to use bright orange and I loved it. I kind of liked the cluster of stuff on the shoulder, but maybe a little less puffiness would’ve been better. If it were, say, a gemstone clip on the shoulder, I think I would’ve preferred that to a bunch of feathers. The dude works my nerves, but I have to admit he’s pretty damn good.
  • My Pick: Joshua
  • Judges’ Pick: Joshua

Anya vs. Laura:

  • Anya: This was definitely a departure for Anya. I have to say, I thought it was too black – I like Anya’s typical use of colors and bright prints! Also, the sharp angles were a bit too Jetsons for me. However, I found the whole thing oddly mesmerizing and beautiful in a strange way. I say thumbs up. (Note: I also have to give Anya major props for what she herself was wearing on the runway – totally want that dress. She has excellent personal style.)
  • Laura: Did she really just send leggings down the runway? At first I thought these were pants gone wrong, but after hearing her talk to the judges…it seems like these really were meant to be straight up leggings? If so, I must repeat the refrain that I want to yell at every sorority girl on campus: leggings are not pants! Anyway, moving on. The collar was a little too low and a lot too feathery for my taste. I couldn’t decide if this or Bert’s was my least favorite look.
  • My Pick: Anya
  • Judges’ Pick: Anya


  • Anya wins; Bert’s out. I like the Anya win, though I think I would’ve given it to Joshua. And I’m glad Bert’s gone – I felt it was his time to go approximately five episodes ago. All is right in the PR universe again!

Michael Kors Quip of the Night:

(Note: This screenshot is from last week, but it is too amazing not to be included.)

(Note 2: I thought MK was a little less quippy than usual this week, but these are still pretty good.)

  • “All the sudden she had to get an ‘I was drunk on a cruise in the Caribbean’ corsage on her shoulder.” (In reference to the shoulder-feather-cluster-thingy on Joshua’s dress.)
  • “I happen to be very much an orange kind of guy.” (In reference to Joshua’s dress, but nonetheless displaying a nice sense of humor/self-awareness about his own Ooompa-Loompa-esque coloring.)

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