A2 Bucket List: Comet Coffee

Number 6 on my Ann Arbor Bucket List was to visit Comet Coffee, which is a tiny coffee shop tucked away in the Nickels Arcade (a cute shopping area downtown).

I’ve heard from various sources that Comet Coffee is the best “real” coffee in Ann Arbor. Apparently, all that deliciousness I consume from Starbucks/Espresso Royale/Panera doesn’t count.

One thing I really enjoyed about Comet was its simplicity. Yes, it’s true that I order, with alarming regularity, drinks like a “grande non-fat no-whip raspberry mocha.” However, at Comet, there are just a few choices, so today I simply ended up with a “macchiato.” Nice change of pace.

The coffee was good but strong. I suppose since I don’t drink real coffee all that often, it was stronger than I was used to. But, I liked it. And, they decorate it with a swirly pattern, which always makes me smile.

They also have a nice little selection of pastries – I grabbed the pain au chocolat. I went pretty early in the morning so it was very quiet, just me and a few other folks in the store. I just sat there, read a bit, and enjoyed my breakfast. A perfect, peaceful start to a weekend morning.

7 down, 53 to go!

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