Onward to Fashion (Weak)

I though it was sorta fun recapping Project Runway a few weeks ago, so here’s my take on this week’s episode. Overall, I think it was kind of a “meh” outing. Shouldn’t the designers be upping their games for Fashion Week? 

Before I discuss the actual clothing, I have to mention one of my absolute pet peeves about this show – that everyone pretends only three people make it to Fashion Week. I think it’s common knowledge at this point that several additional designers go to fashion week and show decoy collections. So, overall, I’m a little sick of the whole “only three of you will show at fashion week” charade. Just seems a bit disingenuous at this point.


  • Look 1: I liked the dress. The jacket was very creative, but a little odd. Heidi mentioned that she wished the beads (or whatever the heck it was hanging off the jacket) were a little bit smaller, and I have to agree on that one. Cool concept, but a little too over-the-top for me.
  • Look 2: I couldn’t pull something like this off – the gemstone-covered top and crazy-print pants are a little much for me. However, just because I couldn’t wear it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it – the top was interesting, and I loved the color of the pants. However, in back, this outfit was a solid wall of black and a giant snooze.
  • Look 3: I thought the skirt was unexpected – leather, pleated in with other material. That was cool. The judges didn’t like this outfit so much, but to that I say…whatever.
  • Overall: Viktor was the clear winner in my mind. Loved his black and purplish color palette. I thought his pieces really looked like a collection (some of the other designers felt much more disjointed). Plus, all his pieces had neat little details that really gave them something extra.


  • Look 1: This is a nice dress, but nothing too exciting. Plus, shouldn’t we be beyond “nice” clothes at this point? I do love the print though, and the belt (which MK did not love, but I think adds a nice touch anyway).
  • Look 2: A bathing suit and cape? This was BORING – I mean, solid black and beige? It doesn’t get much blander. And this look was so out of place amidst her dresses. Also, once Heidi pointed it out, I couldn’t help but notice – the model’s boobs are totally hanging out! Keep it classy, Anya.
  • Look 3: There’s not much going on here – it’s basically just a gigantic piece of material draped on her body. I liked the side ruffle, but this dress isn’t very impact-full (yeah, it’s a word) in general, which is an odd thing to say about a floor-length gold dress.
  • Overall: Loved her color palette, but I expected SO much more from Anya.


  • Look 1: I found this look really off-putting. Is it a dress? A jumper? Who knows. The solid black doesn’t seem very Joshua to me. Yeah, he’s usually super over-the-top, but I kind of miss the flash. And, is the collar made of plastic? It looked way uncomfortable. Finally, the back was very odd – the way it’s sewn, it looks like the model is too chubby to zip it up (which clearly cannot be true).
  • Look 2: Again, this was oddly understated for Joshua. However, I actually liked this piece, especially from the front (not so much from the back). Good old MK actually thought the reverse – he hated the front (with the “modesty tab”) and loved the back. I’ve never heard the term “modesty tab” thrown around as much in a 10-minute interval as I did last night.
  • Look 3: This ensemble is strange but, you know what? I actually love it (I even wrote LOVE in all-caps in my notes). I thought the printed shirt underneath the mesh was cool, and I liked the red pants a lot. My favorite look of his, by far.
  • Overall: Not terrible, but not very good either. And I couldn’t get over how un-Joshua the whole collection was. Be true to yourself, dude!


  • Look 1: This doesn’t seem to go with the other 2 looks – they’re so bright, and this is just a solid black wall of fabric. Also, you can’t see it here, but I didn’t like the back – completely open with one strip of fabric. Ugh.
  • Look 2: I love the color combo here – very striking. But, what the hell is going on with this skirt? It is truly a giant bubble butt! (And, let the record reflect that I even typed “bubble butt” in my notes before Heidi said it; I swear! Heidi and I were so on the same page last night. We could be besties.)
  • Look 3: This look is a TRAINWRECK. Both pieces fit terribly – the top is too big/open in all the wrong places, and the pants are ill-fitting as well. Gross, gross, gross.
  • Overall: This collection isn’t cohesive (to borrow one of Nina Garcia’s favorite words) at all. How does the black go with the other 2? How does the brown and blue go with the pink and blue? Easily my least favorite mini-collection.


  • How I Would’ve Ranked Them (best to worst): Viktor, Joshua, Anya, Kimberly
  • Judges’ Decision: They’re all in! I’m happy in the sense that Anya was the last one left on the runway and I didn’t want her to be out, but generally I hate when they do things like this. What a cop out!

Michael Kors Quip of the Night:

  • Grand Prize: “The notion that any woman is going to have her ass exposed in Olivia Newton John’s leggings…”
  • Honorable Mention: “The matching cobalt shoe into the cobalt pant? She looks a little like a club foot.”

Well, there you have it. Who’s going to win it all next week? At this point, I can’t put my money on anyone but Viktor. It’s gotta be him, right?

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