Momofuku Ma Peche

When I was planning my NY trip, I knew I wanted to eat at a David Chang restaurant. My first choice was Noodle Bar, but they don’t take reservations, and I figured that since I only had a few days there, it would be a safer bet to go with a restaurant that did. So, we ended up at Ma Peche.

Now, I’m no expert on the culinary world, but it seems that people are almost universally obsessed with David Chang. So, I went into the meal with very high expectations. It was a good meal, but I can’t help but think it was a bit disappointing. And perhaps that’s just because, when your expectations are sky high, there’s nowhere to go but down.

I started with a Calamansi lemonade (tasty) and then Janelle and I shared an order of summer rolls. I thought these were actually the tastiest part of the meal and I’d definitely order them again:

(Sorry for the awful pictures, but I blame it on the “atmospheric” low lighting of the place. And I didn’t bring my good camera with me. So, yeah, mostly I blame it on me.)

For my main, I got the striped bass. I thought the miso sauce + mushrooms were really flavorful, but…were they $28 tasty? Maybe not.

After eating dinner, we stopped at Milk Bar upstairs and got the famous Crack Pie. It was pretty delicious, although I’m more of a chocolate kind of gal. I actually thought the Grasshopper Pie sounded more appealing, but it was sold out. As with Ma Peche, I had ridiculous expectations of the Crack Pie, and while it was yummy (and super rich), I guess I had the sense it would be mind-blowing. And, it was not. Later this week, after returning home from my trip, I found this list of the 10 most overrated NY eats, and the Crack Pie was one of them. So I guess it’s not only me.

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