Doughnut Plant

I am not a doughnut girl. You could put almost any breakfast item down in front of me and I would choose it before I would choose a doughnut. So, why then did I journey to a random doughnut shop in NYC? Well, for one, it was mentioned on Top Chef Just Desserts, and then I read about it online and heard that it was really good. And then, for two, I googled it and realized it was just a few blocks from my sister’s apartment. And while I wouldn’t ride the subway or walk very far for a doughnut, a 10-minute walk, I can do. Convenience wins every time.

And you know what? I’m glad I ventured down Grand Street to Doughnut Plant, which was super delicious. It was a pretty simple and unassuming place – and while they definitely had some unique flavors of doughnuts, it was not the doughnut theme park extravaganza you might expect to find in New York, so I liked it.

I got 2 doughnuts – a Blackout (which, as far as I can tell, just means lots of rich chocolate) and a Creme Brulee for later. The Blackout was good, but the Creme Brulee was great. It had a crispy top and everything! Loved it.

And so, while I would always choose brunch in NYC over a doughnut, I have a feeling that I just might find myself back at Doughnut Plant the next time I’m in the neighborhood.

(The Blackout is the doughnut in the bottom left hand corner of the above picture. Nom nom nom.)

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