Back in the Day: Little J and Me

On the advent of her second 21st birthday, here’s a picture of me with my little sister. I particularly enjoy the fact that, back in the day, we both knew how to rock a pretty amazing bowl cut. Some other shared childhood memories:

  • Playing “school” in our basement. I always forced the poor kid to be the student.
  • My cousin and I were terribly jealous that she was chosen as the flower girl for our uncle’s wedding in lieu of us. Thus, we made it our mission to terrify her of messing up during the wedding. Nice kids, we were.
  • Making an elaborate haunted house in the basement for her birthday party.
  • Collecting beanie babies, Barbies, and American Girl dolls (she was a Samantha; I was a Molly).
  • That you could tell her pretty much anything was chicken and she would eat it.
  • And many, many more (some of which must be omitted to protect the innocent. Or not-so-innocent).

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