Back in the Day: Halloween Memories

(me, circa 1986. Lookin’ good.)

In honor of the day, some old school Halloween memories…

  • My mom sewed a lot of my Halloween costumes, and she was awesome at it. I remember I went as a dinosaur one year and it was such a cute costume! Well done, mom.
  • My sister’s birthday is near Halloween, so that was often tied to the festivities. One year, we made her an elaborate (and amazing) haunted maze in our basement for her party.
  • Holidays at school = the best days at school. In addition to having a Halloween party in class, I remember we used to do a little costume parade around the school.
  • My creativity in costumes dwindled significantly over the years. I know I reused an Indian costume once or twice, and I definitely went as a hippie during consecutive years (maybe 5th/6th grade. Around that time, the 60s definitely made a comeback – everyone was doing it). And once, I just stole an ancient pair of scrubs from my dad and went as a surgeon. Laziest costume EVER.
  • After trick-or-treating, I used to come back home and sort all of my candy. Did anyone else do this? Seriously, all the M+Ms in one pile, all the Snickers in another, and so forth. I’m not entirely sure what the purpose of it was, but I remember doing it every year. M+Ms were probably my most coveted treat; Good + Plentys were given immediately to my father (such a gross candy).

Happy Halloween!

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