They Did the Monster Mash (DWTS Week 7)

I have decided to fully embrace my not-so-secret obsession with Dancing with the Stars. And that means, writing about it here. Hooray!

Here’s how I would have ranked the couples last night, from best to worst:

  1. Rob + Cheryl: I like Rob Kardashian against my will. I thought they did a nice job matching the movements to the odd beats of their music. And he gets an extra point for having his little nephew dressed as an Indian in the audience. Love. (It’s completely appropriate to score contestants based on random factors such as this. Did you think this show was serious or something?)
  2. Rikki + Derek: I thought this was pretty good, but I almost felt like you could see that she was injured/in pain. It looked slightly awkward to me; maybe she was holding back a little? And I could tell that she was doing technically well, but her dancing just didn’t do anything for me on a wow level.
  3. David + Kym: I thought it was kind of boring, but he gets extra points in my book every time Coco shows up onscreen. Adorable! I always find him kind of forgettable and middle of the pack – which seems odd. He seems like the kind of dude who should be standing out more. Also, he always looks so nervous.
  4. JR + Karina: The bodysuit was kind of cool, but the overall costume was heinous. Her hair was outta control and I never like all the random pieces of material that always seem to be hanging off the ladies’ costumes. Oh, you’re wondering about the dancing? Well, I thought it was oddly slow. I agreed with Len – you expect a lot from him, so this was disappointing. Actually, I would go as far as saying I found the dance somewhat off-putting.
  5. Tristan + Nancy: The words for this dance were “train wreck.” Nancy looked lost at a couple points, and she didn’t kick very strongly or sharply. Dammit, I agree with Len about this as well! And it pains me to think Tristan will likely no longer be on my TV screen next week. He is the true star of this season.
  6. Hope + Maks: I was pretty sure Nancy was at the bottom until I saw this. I felt like Maks was just pulling Hope around the dance floor. And, she never finishes her arm movements – it always seems half-hearted to me (like a desperate, “I don’t even care, please vote me out of here” plea for help). Also, Carrie Ann talking about the “ease of movement?” – WTF??? Shut up, Carrie Ann. Go weep in the corner, silently and alone. Also, I have really soured on this partnership since Maks’s outburst last week. They both look like they’re not having any fun. I wish they would go home already.

And my thoughts on the team dances:

  • Team Tango (David + Kym, JR + Karina, Nancy + Tristan): I thought they were in very good sync at the beginning, but this seemed slow and lackluster. I also agreed with Len (again, dammit!) about the individual performances being disasters.
  • Team Paso (Hope + Maks, Rikki + Derek, Rob + Cheryl): It pains me to admit it, but they clearly won this battle. I loved how dramatic it was! Hope was still an eyesore throughout, though.

Overall, this was kind of a lackluster episode. You could tell they spent a ton of time on all the Halloween gimmicks – and these came out pretty cool – but I think the quality of the dancing suffered for it. Let’s hope for a better show next week!

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