October in Instagrams

Ever since I finally got an iPhone last spring, I have been obsessed with the Instagram app. It’s a fun way to take photos and feel “artsy” even if you’re really not a talented/professional photographer at all. Here’s a look at some snippets of my October, via Instagram.

Beautiful leaves around campus + peaceful mornings at the coffee shop:

Football smack talk + red velvet yogurt (who knew there was such a thing??):

Getting my hair done – in the chair + afterward:

Tons of reading + tons of to-do lists:

Seeing the Ides of March + eating at Eataly in NYC:

Chubby squirrels becoming chubbier + lovely mums:

A very good fortune + a new plant (which I have since managed to almost kill, per usual):

Flowers at the Michigan Union:

Lots of coffee:

(sidenote: I once went to a financial aid presentation at UVA Law where the financial aid counselor told us that as grad students on a limited budget we should not be drinking fancy Starbucks coffee. Though I obviously didn’t end up going to UVA, I still feel guilty every.single.time I order a coffee.)

Strongbow cider + fun times with friends at the Blue Leprechaun on a football Saturday:

Enjoying Big House hotdogs + silly times at the Purdue game:

2 thoughts on “October in Instagrams

  1. Cool pics – I might do the same thing with a bunch of mine from Instagram! You might be interested in a post I did on the site’s popular users and some tips at http://wp.me/p1UhOK-26 I’d be curious to know your thoughts in the comments if you’d care to share. Keep Instagramming!

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