Movie Review: Moneyball

On my sister’s birthday, my family went to see Moneyball. I knew the movie had gotten solid reviews, so I went in with high expectations. And, in general, I really liked the movie as well. Some random thoughts:

  • I hate baseball, and yet I found the movie riveting. I wouldn’t have expected that.
  • I thought the movie went on a bit too long. After I saw it, I read this review that summed it up nicely for me – it had “one too many endings.”
  • At the end of the movie, when I saw in the credits that the script was co-written by Aaron Sorkin, I simultaneously thought, “of course it was!” and “really?” It is crisp and fast-paced, which is very Sorkin to me. But I thought it was a little less quippy and crackling and overall Sorkin-esque than his writing usually is. Maybe because he had a co-writer?
  • I love Philip Seymour Hoffman. Loved him in the Ides of March, and love him in this. He has a relatively small role here, but he makes it memorable.
  • Brad Pitt was solid – not too showy, but with a subtle comedic timing that was quite nice.
  • I thought Jonah Hill was fantastic in this film (he usually annoys me a lot). Is it possible that he’s actually a really good actor? And Chris Pratt is adorable in his role!
  • I love the scene where Brad Pitt’s onscreen daughter sings Lenka’s “The Show” to him, but isn’t that way anachronistic? Pretty sure that song is from, like, 2008.

Overall, I’d recommend the movie. I know it’s been out for over a month, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still go see it. Go!

My grade: B+

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