Football Saturdays

When I was a freshman (cough cough, SEVEN years ago. How did that happen?), I ordered football tickets because it basically seemed like the thing to do. I did not have any particular interest in football. But, it was part of attending college at Michigan, right?

Over the next four years, I totally fell in love with football Saturdays. To me, there is almost nothing that more perfectly encapsulates the college experience at U of M. They are a big, big deal.

Now I’m back, and I’m older. I still have season tickets, though I’ve been to far fewer games than normal this year and don’t tend to go all out for games anymore. But, it’s still Michigan football. And it’s still wonderful.

What are the things I love about Michigan football? The fight song. The hot dogs (a pre-game tradition for Manna and me. I don’t think we ever skipped this). All the different chants you do at various points during the game (jangling keys, “you suck,” etc). The walk to the big house, where you’re buoyed along in a sea of maize and blue. Bongo man. Befriending random people who have seats near yours. Halftime shows from the marching band. Doing the wave (once at normal speed, once super fast, once super slow). Always being “part of the largest crowd watching a football game in America today.” Hating OSU/Notre Dame/MSU. And tradition, tradition, tradition.

Here’s  a look back at my history with the awesomeness that is Michigan football.

2004: At the Michigan/Michigan State game. It was FREEZING (yes, the all-caps are merited here – we arrived in t-shirts and tanks, and by the time the game finished it had gotten cold and miserable). Most people left, but we stayed, and Michigan staged an awesome comeback victory. One of my favorite football memories.

2005: With our seating group (Team Toastman for the win!). Love these guys.

2006: In which we take the most epic series of football pictures ever. We really loved the free pom poms.

2007: With Manna and Sara. We spent significant amounts of time each game taking random self portraits of ourselves from different angles.

2009: Returning as an alum for the first time, and reunited with so many of my favorite people.

2011: Last week, at the Purdue game. My seats are really excellent this year – so close to the field! Row 4, baby.

GO BLUE! Always.

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