Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 8

This week’s awesome:

  1. Parks and Rec quote of the week: “Most people would say the deets. I say the tails. Just one example of innovation.” (Tom Haverford. Always.)
  2. And even more – seven minutes of Tom Haverford hitting on women. Love Aziz Ansari.
  3. Ryan Gosling vs. puppies? It’s pretty much a toss-up.
  4. I often get excited about an upcoming movie from its trailer, but I’m almost certain I’ve never decided I had to see a movie based on the poster alone. But this one convinced me.
  5. If I had had a blog back when the Royal Wedding aired, I definitely would have blogged about how obsessed with it I was (answer: very). To make up for that, these are the best Halloween costumes the Today show has ever done.
  6. This weekly list is fast becoming a list of things that made me cry. Case in point: A eulogy for Steve Jobs, written by his sister.
  7. Seven Decades of TV Catchphrases. I found this collection pretty amusing. My favorites? “We were on a break!,” “Do it rockapella!,” “Come on!,” “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” “Moving target penny can!,” and (of course) “I’m Chuck Bass.”
  8. I never thought that I would use “Salman Rushdie” and “Kim Kardashian” in the same sentence, but then this happened. And it was awesome.
  9. I found this video of bloopers from Friends – love it! The best parts are Lisa Kudrow’s laugh and David Schwimmer yelling, “PIVOT!” After watching it, I fell down a rabbit hole of Friends videos on You Tube and ended up watching this and this and this too. I miss Friends.
  10. Awkward Family Pet Photos. I especially love the one where two of the daughters are holding cats and the third (possibly the unloved black sheep of the family) is holding a plant.

In need of more awesome? Look no further.