Instant Shame (DWTS Week 8)

Dancing with the Stars continues to exude a strange, sparkly, and altogether shameful power over me. I can’t explain it, but I remain addicted (and I remain embarrassed by said addiction. I’m trying to own it, really). Here are my thoughts on yesterday’s show, with my rankings of the couples from best to worst:

JR + Karina

  • Waltz: A very sweet dance. I swear, he has to win this thing, right? I also noticed that the crowd was going insane throughout the WHOLE dance. Pretty spectacular. They deserved the perfect 30. (Although: didn’t the whole sequence seem a bit scripted? Like in the pre-dance package, they talk about wanting a perfect score, then Brooke asks them if they think they earned one, and then they get one. I mean, they deserved it, but it was a little suspicious, no?)
  • Instant Jive: This was, without question, the best instant dance. It was actually just like JR said he wanted it to be – it looked like he had been practicing to that music all week! And did you see how much Len was smiling after they danced? Kind of adorable. And I NEVER thought I’d apply that word to Len.

Hope + Maks

  • Quickstep: I noticed right away that she was moving much more gracefully and fluidly than she normally moves. I actually agreed with Bruno here – she’s never moved so well. I also thought this was fun and light-hearted – and they’ve been so negative over the past few weeks, so it was a nice change of pace. Finally, on a note unrelated to either Hope or Maks, I wanted to face punch Carrie Ann when she gave Hope a hug after the dance. Shut up, Carrie Ann, and get off my TV screen. Although, you did have nice hair this week, so at least there’s that.
  • Instant Jive: I actually loved this. Seriously, what was going on with Hope last night? She was moving SO much better. I thought this was really fun and so fast-paced. I couldn’t believe she kept up.

Ricki + Derek

  • Waltz: I thought she still kept her shoulders up too much, even after they made a big deal about her working on that in rehearsals. Also, this dance? BORING. Ricki’s dancing doesn’t do anything for me, and when I see something in their routine that wows me, it’s usually more because of Derek’s choreography decisions than Ricki’s execution.
  • Instant Jive: Again, this was all about Derek for me. He was fantastic per usual, but I didn’t think she really contributed much to the dance. Also, towards the end, there was a section where they really slowed down and weren’t moving much. Very strange.

Rob + Cheryl

  • Quickstep: I remain surprised at how much I like Rob. I thought he did a nice job of keeping up with Cheryl (insert lame Keeping up with the Kardashians joke here). It was a little sloppy in places, but overall was nice. I agreed with Len – it started out shakily, but ended very strongly. And, by the way, great costumes – loved the pink and black combo.
  • Instant Jive: This was pretty good. I thought Rob looked a little confused at some parts, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because I think this whole “instant dance” concept is kind of sketchy.

Nancy + Tristan

  • Tango: I thought she did a nice job with the character of the dance and the little kicks and flicks and crisp motions, but it looked like they were dancing in slow motion. It seems clear that it’s her time to go, but can we find a way to bring Tristan back next week? And every week thereafter? I may enjoy him a little too much.
  • Instant Jive: Tough to watch. I swear that, at one point, Tristan had to physically move Nancy to where he wanted her to go. Nice try, but this just didn’t work for her. Also, I might be forever scarred by the image of her doing a cartwheel. Just…no.

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