The New Girl in Town

For the fall TV season, I decided to avoid watching new TV shows as much as possible. This law school business isn’t a joke, as it turns out, and it doesn’t allow for much TV watching time. I watched the first episode of Up All Night, and while it was funny (though not laugh out loud funny) and had an amazing cast,  I decided it was not must-watch. Same with Pan Am and Revenge – watched an episode of each, and decided I just did not care enough.

In the end, only one new show made the cut and became regular viewing – New Girl*. At first, I hadn’t planned to watch it at all because, while I like Zooey Deschanel, I suspected she was best appreciated in small doses. However, I was watching Glee (which, if you’re curious, I also decided after the first episode of this season to confine to the “no more regular viewing, maybe I’ll see you on Netflix later” pile), and New Girl comes on afterward. And I left my TV on, and somehow wound up hooked.

So, New Girl. It’s funny. I love the cast. It makes me smile. But, I think it’s probably not for everyone – it’s a little precious and cutesy, so if that’s not your thing, you should probably steer clear.

And because I love bullet-point lists, here are a few of the things I love most about New Girl:

  • The “Douche Bag Jar”: Because I totally feel like this is something my friends and I would’ve done during college.
  • The fact that every episode seems to end with a “bonding moment” between Jess and her roommates: I’m a total sucker for this kind of stuff, and these moments are usually my favorites of the episode: Slow-mo chicken dancing! The guys serenading Jess with “I’ve Had the Time of My Life”! The guys all putting on hats so Jess can steal them back from her ex-boyfriend! Love.
  • The theme song: I’ve heard a couple people say they don’t like this, but…I think it’s fun, unique, and very Zooey Deschanel.
  • Episode 4, Naked: This was probably the first episode where I was actually laughing hysterically. The moment at the end when Jess gets caught in Nick’s room in just her towel! Her various accents (The cockney “the peen what I saw” and the French “bonjour le peen”).
  • Episode 5, CeCe Crashes: This was a showcase for Schmidt, and he was wonderfully ridiculous throughout the entire episode (parkour, his kimono, his Apollo Anton Ohno move, his list of things he loved about India). Plus, there was some super cute Jess/Nick stuff.
  • The dynamic between Jess and the guys: It’s basically the foundation of the show, and it’s awesome. I love how the guys manage to be simultaneously horrified, fascinated, and oddly protective of Jess.

Are you watching New Girl? If not, why aren’t you? Come on, don’t suppress the Jess!

*P.S. did you know that the show is called “New Girl” and not “The New Girl”? In fact-checking for this post, I went on IMDB and realized this. Totally blew my mind.

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