Who Would Google That?

(It’s Aggie Usedly! Trust me, this will all make sense in a moment.)

One of the cool things about WordPress is that it shows you a list of the terms that people plugged into search engines that led them to your blog. Generally, these are pretty much what you’d expect, but over time, I’ve come across some hilarious (and weird) ones. I never would have thought much of this, except I saw this feature on 101 Books where the author compiles some of his craziest blog search terms. That seemed fun, so I thought I’d give it a try. Here’s a peek at some of the wackiest things people are searching for. After reading each one, I just have to ask – who in the world would Google that?!?!

mozart’s balls

(I think this is my favorite, EVER. I even considered making it the title of this post, but then I was afraid people would judge me. I mean, I can only hope that whoever searched for this was referring to, like, an opera ball where classical music would be played. Otherwise, I have a newsflash – he died in 1791. I’m pretty sure there aren’t pictures of his…ahem, bubbles…floating around on the internet. And for the sake of honesty – I stole the term “bubbles” from the New Girl. Thank you, Zooey Deschanel.)

slogan image of sad drinker

(I actually want to Google this one myself, just to see what you’d find. And I have no idea how this led to my blog, or what someone would use such an image for.)

michelin man costume

(Who wouldn’t want to be this for Halloween? Actually, no, you’d get really sweaty. Gross.)

i am cupcake

(Again, who wouldn’t want to be one? Nom nom nom.)

the history of red velvet cupcakes

(I bet it’s pretty damn delicious.)

like pizza eat

(Yeah, me too.)

“mama’s coming out” arrested development

(YES! This one makes me unbelievably happy. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s one of my favorite Arrested Development moments ever. Right up there with “Mon frere. That’s French for brother. I don’t know why I know that.”)

aggie usedly

(I get a surprising number of hits from this term. Who knew that everybody was curious about Michigan’s favorite elderly, yet spunky, lottery number reader?)

really buff kid

(This one kind of scares me. Like, is this something an internet creeper would google? And why does it lead said internet creeper to my blog?)


(Yup, literally, just the letter “I.” This one astounds me. I mean, that must appear on millions of webpages. How does it lead here? I can only conclude that I have mystical, magical internet powers.)

Well, that was fun. I have a feeling I may make this a semi-regular feature. Happy searching!

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