Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 10

This week’s collection of internet awesomeness:

  1. I am SO EXCITED for this movie. Yes, all caps. What am I, a sixteen-year old girl??
  2. Last week’s Amazing Race involved a bunny steeplechase race, which I did not even realize was an actual thing. However, it was super adorable, and now I’m obsessed. See this and this for proof.
  3. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of travel blogs/blogs about living abroad in Europe. (A girl can dream, right?) I stumbled upon this set of photos from Versailles and it’s making me want to go back to Paris so badly.
  4. Chris Martin and Jimmy Fallon do the worm. How delightful is Chris Martin? (Answer: super delightful).
  5. This is awesome – Beyonce songs re-imagined as undergraduate theses in women’s and gender studies. I wish I would spontaneously think of things this funny.
  6. Jenny Slate and co. made another Marcel the Shell video! When I saw this, it totally made my day. The first Marcel video was brilliant, and I think this one is too. (Favorite line: “I mean, it was pretty hard at the time, but now I always just think, oh, she’s traveling.” Second favorite line: “Sometimes I read a receipt. I like to get a feel for the daily life.”)
  7. Aziz Ansari is hilarious. And yes, oddly sexy. (Also: why is Bradley Cooper this year’s Sexiest Man Alive? He’s kind of from Planet Douchealon, no? Five points if you get that reference.)
  8. And on that note: 63 reasons why Bradley Cooper is not the sexiest man alive.
  9. An interesting read on Detroit. And also, there’s a HuffPost Detroit now! Pretty cool.
  10. And finally, in anticipation of the holiday – a lovely article on finding Thanksgiving in Paris. I had a smile on my face while reading this.

I think this is my favorite list of awesome, ever. Just so many of the things I love the most. But if you still want more, check out the Awesome Archives.

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