Nestle Toll House Pie

One thing I’ve really missed this semester? Cooking. I live in the Lawyers Club, which is essentially a glorified dormitory for law students. What this means is that, while it’s literally a 60-second walk to class, I don’t get the luxury of having my own kitchen.

Now, I’m not a particularly adept cook (yet), but I’ve been learning ever so slowly these past few years, and this summer I really got into it. So, it’s been strange to not cook at all over the last few months.

While I was home for Thanksgiving, I had the chance to cook once. Now, I use the term “cook” loosely as my mom and I both worked on it because we needed to get done quickly and also because it’s basically the simplest recipe ever. Seriously, throw some ingredients in a bowl, mix, pour into a pie crust, bake, and garnish with a generous dollop (or two or three) of whipped cream. But, oh man, it’s yummy.

It was good to be back in the kitchen again, albeit briefly. I’m looking forward to cooking some more over Christmas break – and I have much grander plans for then. All I have to do is just get through my first set of law school exams first. That should be no problem, right?

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