Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 13

Here’s this week’s roundup of awesomeness:

  1. 45 Ridiculous Pictures of Boy Bands. I seriously have no words for how awesome these pictures are. HOW on earth did we ever have “crushes” on these guys? I think my favorite is #13 – you tell ’em, Donnie Wahlberg. Or #40 – WHO thought that picture was a good idea?
  2. This is amazing. I love Love Actually, and I love that someone thought of this. See how I used “love” in that sentence three times?
  3. The Facebook History of the World. Wow. Just wow. Whoever came up with this (and spent hours. Days? Weeks?) actually making it is my hero. So funny. There are a lot of great parts, but my personal favorite is during the Crusades section: “Common Sense is no longer friends with Religion.” Oh, snap.
  4. The 45 Most Powerful Photos of 2011. Did I cry while scrolling through these? That would be too embarrassing to admit. So, clearly, yes, I did.
  5. A comparison of American vs. International magazine covers. Very interesting…
  6. Damn You Autocorrect is always fun, but this compilation of the 25 best autocorrects from the last year is hilarious. The ones that made me laugh the hardest? 22, 18, 16, and 8. So horrifying.
  7. I very rarely hand write anything anymore, and yet I covet these lovely journals.
  8. I already knew it’s great to be a Michigan Wolverine, but in case you want further proof – we’ve got the best stadium in college football.
  9. This is my life right now. Dammit, law school.
  10. I’ll admit that I love the gazillion “best of” and “top 10” lists that come out at the end of the year. Here are Twitter’s Hot Topics for 2011. Pretty interesting. But my question is – who the hell is tweeting about Pretty Little Liars, Thor, and the Green Hornet? Really?

Want more awesome? As you wish.

10 thoughts on “Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 13

  1. I actually had a lot of LOL on items no. 1, 3, and 6 and had to share them on tumblr and plurk! Thanks for this. :))

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