I Have to Laugh about Finals So I Don’t Cry

There comes a point when, after spending hours and hours (and days and days) sitting at your desk, poring over outlines and cases and supplements, you feel like you’re going crazy. Sometimes I want to scream, but then I find things on the interwebs that make me laugh and remember that there are plenty of other crazed law students in my boat. Solidarity in numbers!

Here are a few hilarious things I found on Some E-Cards last week. Like I said, sometimes you just have to laugh.

(I laughed at this one, and then realized – damn, I actually do feel more pressure when I think about how much I’m spending on tuition. Thanks for nothing, Some E-cards.)

(Oh god. This one doesn’t comfort me either, because it makes me think about getting a job after graduation and then I start panicking about getting bad grades and not getting a job.)

(This is so sad. But, we’re all putting in day-long library sessions so…this might be sad but true.)

(This doesn’t apply to me, I swear!)

236 thoughts on “I Have to Laugh about Finals So I Don’t Cry

  1. Good luck!! I will be thinking about you as I study for my finals as well. That first card is depressing to me as well…I have accrued/currently accruing way too much debt with 3 degrees 😦

  2. Ugh, currently finishing my last law school semester. Somehow what IS comforting is knowing that there are people across this continent doing the same sort of stuff. Best of luck to you!

  3. I completely agree, thinking about the cost of tuition makes me stress more about finals! And thinking about finding a job after school does exactly the same thing.

    Great post. Made me laugh as I recover from my own finals. Hope you survived yours! πŸ™‚

  4. They are great, but don’t worry too much about not getting a job because of bad grades – I’ve met a ton of persons whom I’m sure failed college and have 6-figure jobs in NY (still trying to figure out how they managed that, but hey, should make you feel a bit better, right?). Good luck with your finals!

  5. Currently working on a final project and will be prepping for a final this evening. Thanks for the post! Just a small reminder that we need to take a little time away from the computer and books to have a little social life. It helps to keep us focused.

  6. OMG! I thought that this just happened in my country! I feel the same way now, and probably the most representative card, is the one about the tuition fee. It’s sad, but true.
    Nice post, I really laughed a lot.

  7. The card that says, “I’m sure you’ll ace your finals because you have no social or sex life to distract you,” pretty much sums up my life! In tears over it, I laughed so hard with a friend of mine over this one. It is just so me, and so not her.
    Congratulations on being freshly pressed!

  8. Firstly, hello fellow Ann Arbor-ian! I am lucky enough to have most of my classes this semester be portfolio ones without exams, but I’m sure I’ll be feeling your pain in six months or so.

  9. lol I had a good laugh and I needed it! Today was so stressful for me but it’s one final down and three to go! Good luck on yours!

  10. Graduated , last May and still have friends in college, i am going to send this to them because i know they are stressed, I def don’t miss finals, but life is great after! Keep working hard ! The long nights will pay off!

  11. Unfortunately I’m spending more time finding things to laugh at than I am studying for finals! Thanks for adding more smiles:)

    1. Oh, I definitely know that feeling. When you’ve got a final to study for, every little thing on the internet seems vitally important, huh? In any case, thanks for reading!

  12. It’s funny because I have finals this week too xD, and like savedmylifetoday im spending more time finding things to laugh at than studying for finals:P

  13. Yeah, everyone has finals now. Boo. I have a presentation tomorrow, a stats final Thursday, a paper due the following Tuesday, a Psych and Law final the same day and a final 10+ page paper due the following Thursday.

    Yep, grad school = fun.

  14. OMG you are not lying. Its crunch time and its time to put in work. The end result is a wonderful long break with family, so I can redeem myself for next semester. 1coffeehouse.wordpress.com

  15. YES! finals are such a hard time, especially for a freshman. getting used to college exams and just how much is necessary to study is so crazy!

  16. How come you’ve found these cards? Nice.. I was also an engineering student 4 months ago where in the middle of the semester I have to quit due to the pressure and depression that I felt at that time, and also I was sick at that time. Glad you’ve shared these cards. Thanks!

  17. I clicked on this thinking it would be someone whining about their undergrad finals, but it turns out it’s a fellow law student! A couple of my classmates have been posting memes about law; it’s pretty clear we’re all going a little nuts. Thanks for the pick-me-up and I’m sure we’ll make it out alive!

    1. Thanks for reading! I clicked on your blog and saw that you’re done with your civ pro final – I’m so jealous! That’s my first one; it’s tomorrow. Good luck with the rest of yours!

  18. I am a law school student myself, except getting a Criminal Justice degree… I love this post and I shared it on my Facebook. Thank you for making me laugh in a week when its easy to get really emotional and have many meltdowns.

  19. Brilliant post and I can definitely relate! I did my fair share of crying throughout grad school, especially during the last four months of thesis writing. It was a good day if I didn’t cry!

    I too love Ron Swanson and macarons. Sometimes all it takes is a good mustache or tasty cookie and everything just seems better.

    Good luck with the last of your exams!

  20. For one of least favorite subject, I used to turn things around on my Prof. I’d say it’s your finals. The results will show how good of a teacher you are!!

  21. I’ve just finished my finals and right now, late though it may be here, I wouldn’t mind running down the streets screaming and whooping and laughing with my friends. My winter break is finally here and this feels so good.

    Hey, you can’t blame me. Like you, I’ve just spent two months holed up in the library. My routine for those two months has been eat, sleep, study, tweet, internet. Not necessarily in that order.


  22. Hahaa…very nice!!…Even I’m going through my finals of Chartered Accountancy and I would submit that the anxiousness for results is also very scary….!!

    Thanx for sharing and making me smile..!!


  23. While taking a break on studying for my finals and writing final papers, this made me laugh! I had to forward it to my friends!!

    thanks for sharing!


  24. And here I was crying my heart out on the one thing that makes my world shake–at the moment–my final year project ON A SMALL COMMUNITY. Been really thinking hard though only to realize that there actually are people out there who are feeling the stress. GREAT! That helps a lot…(*sarcasm in my tone*) btu we really going to make it. Good luck to we all and lets burn some stress with my best remedy…SLEEP

  25. Congrats on Freshly Pressed!

    Took me back to my school/college days…. when I felt the same way… now being a parent I find the demoralizing side of these e-cards as well… however it enables you to think about the exams a little easy…. all the best for your finals….

  26. Wow…this sounds horrible. I feel so badly for you. I hope that the pressure of all of your families hopes and dreams riding on you doesn’t freak you out.

    That’d be kinda bad, huh?

    Hilarious post! Loved it! πŸ˜‰

    P.S. Seriously, though…good luck on your finals!!

  27. I do the same when I’m studying for exams. I think about sex and how little I am having when I study, so it somewhat motivates me…maybe it explains my abysmal results…

  28. Good post! One of the key things that one has to remember about taking final exams is not to allow your nerves to get the best of you. If you allow your nerves to get the best of you, you are going to fail the exam before you take it.

  29. i’m a final year student, who is now kicking my ass to finish my final project.
    can’t wait for this ‘misery’ to over, excited to be in the ‘real’ world later, and kinda sad as I’m about to leave the very best phase of my life which is ; student life..

    hmm..ironic, isn’t it?

    are u on your last semester too? what are u up to. next?

  30. Best of luck on your finals!

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  31. Happy for you. Sad for me. I am a writing teacher. A kind one. No greater sap on earth than a kind writing teacher. Guess how many last minute essays I am getting (and not turning away)?
    Laugh at me. I chose my torment.

  32. These are really funny. I don’t miss finals. But hey, I was a film student so I am sure my finals were never anything like yours. I just made a film (no easy task but not hours of pouring over books…usually)

    I’ll have to forward this along to my brother in law; he’s going crazy with finals.

    For you, maybe this short (hopefully humorous) story will help you keep on keeping on:


  33. HAHA. Too funny! I am going to share the one about not having a social or sex life to distract you. This is true for all of us graduate students here. We look and feel like crap. Who has time to hang out or date?! We live in the library!
    Merci for sharing et bonne courage!

  34. Hilarious! I’m about to start law school in January and the stress over financial aid is ALREADY killing me! Good luck on your finals! I’ll be right there with you soon. I hope I remember this post. πŸ™‚

  35. My coworker and I send each other hilarious Some Ecards every day to take a moment and laugh at a very stressful job!

  36. Don’t worry-once you’ve graduated and you’re having trouble finding work, you’ll look back at your finals as the “good ol’ days.” I know I am.

  37. As a (fairly) recent college grad, let me just say:

    It’s okay! The real world doesn’t suck as bad as it seems like it’s going to!

    Good luck πŸ˜€

  38. OMG thank you so much for the laugh, i really needed it!!! I have my last final tomorrow (Physics, yuck! today was anatomy GAG!). I have been a crazy person the last 3 days (there have been several crying breakdowns),and I literally have been sitting at my desk for two weeks! Finals is with out a doubt the worst time of your life! Good Luck on yours!

  39. As someone who just finished writing exams, I completely wish I would have found this sooner (not that I needed another excuse to procrastinate – apparently I bake to destress… didn’t even know I knew how until exam season started…)
    I really enjoyed these so thank you so much for sharing, the social life one (or lack there of) is so true, sadly.
    All the best with the rest of your exams!

  40. Is it bad luck to say that I just loved the third one?! Gosh, I hope not…
    Anyway, it is so true – no sex, no social life – so from this point of view this means ‘bad luck’ already πŸ˜€

  41. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I’ve been with school for a few years but pondering going back to study something new. Your post made me laugh, scared me a bit, but hopefully didn’t change my mind! I’ve gotten started by enrolling in a single course at a uni. I am based in Beirut, and will be sure to post something about my exams and papers once the horror begins πŸ™‚ yupthisisit.wordpress.com

  42. Wow, big hug. Not that wimpy butterfly one either, no, I’m sending you a solid bear hug. I’m trying to wrap up a rough semester and I blog when I’m about to cry overwhelmed tears of exhaustion after studying. Rock it out! It’ll all be over soon.

  43. Haha, the first picture is fabulous and exactly summarizes my feelings! IDK how I chose to attend one of the most expensive university’s… And now I’m paying my dues aka loans :Z

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