Back in the Day: Holiday Traditions

It has become a running joke in my family for my dad and I to go all Tevya and repeat the phrase “without these traditions, our lives would be as shaky as a fiddler on the roof’s” anytime we do something remotely traditional. Even though we joke about it, as far as traditions go, our Christmas ones are some of my very favorites of all. And so, here are my family’s most beloved Christmas traditions, some of yore, and some that we continue in the present day:

  • Frosting animal sugar cookies with Grandma Grai
  • Getting new PJs on Christmas Eve
  • Going to the Christmas open house at McDonald’s Nursery in Saginaw (they always had the best Santa in town)
  • Grandma Lois’s holiday cookies – the essentials always included her famous chocolate chip cookies, melting moments, and snickerdoodles
  • Grandma + Uncle Dave babysitting on Christmas Eve, and letting us stay up so late that when we saw the car lights from our parent’s car in the driveway, we’d have to run to bed and pretend to be asleep
  • The Morello family Yankee gift exchange
  • Epic spoons battles
  • My uncle inappropriately singing “Mr. Hankie the Christmas Poo” (from South Park)
  • Going to the Festival of the Trees and trying to find the hidden pickle ornament on one tree (out of maybe a hundred?) (spoiler alert: we never ever found it)
  • Trips to Chicago with my mom to visit the Christkindl market and do Christmas shopping
  • Holiday walks with the Morello family after Christmas dinner
  • Putting up our favorite decorations: the ghetto ancient Advent calendar, the Christmas village, and the Disney ornaments
  • Buying Grandma Grai a new penguin ornament every year
  • Going to Kluck Nursery for tree cutting and the customary tree-cutting snack of popcorn balls
  • Driving around to look at the lights and saying “ooooh la la” at each display
  • KFC (god knows why) followed by Midnight Mass followed by hot fudge brownie sundaes with peppermint ice cream on Christmas Eve
  • Reading the Polar Express with Dad
  • Always getting a toothbrush, toothpaste, and hair ties among our stocking stuffers (Santa is nothing if not practical)

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

4 thoughts on “Back in the Day: Holiday Traditions

  1. I love this post! I am a Hindu but that will never stop me from celebrating Christmas! My favorite Christmas tradition is to hog the TV from morning till night, spending the day watching my fave Christmas shows. 🙂

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