One thing I love about Ann Arbor is that, even though it’s not a big city, I still feel like I haven’t discovered all of it yet. I was here for 4 years of undergrad, then away in the real world for 3 years, and now I’m back – and it’s surprising just how much changed in those 3 years. New restaurants popped up, the art museum was renovated and expanded, State Street is completely different than it once was, and there are seemingly five million fro yo places now.

What this means is, happily, I keep stumbling upon new favorites. In fact, I’m quite proud of the fact that I haven’t been going to my old standbys (for the most part) and instead have been making a conscious effort to try new places. The other day, I told my best friend that I hadn’t even eaten at Noodles & Co. this semester and she literally screamed, “WHAT? THAT’S CRAZY!” (suffice it to say, we ate there a lot during undergrad).

One new place I recently discovered is Amadeus, a restaurant that features Polish, Hungarian, and Austrian cuisine. It’s a cute little place tucked on Washington St. near Main, and even though I must have walked by it many times in the past, I’d never really noticed it before. Then someone recommended it to me, and after checking out their menu, I decided I had to go.

I ordered the paprykash – it was very tasty and hearty; the perfect winter food. However, all I could think of the whole time was Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally (“Waiter, there is too much pepper on my paprykash, but I would be proud to partake of your pecan pie.”)

We also ordered dessert. I got a Napoleon, and it was maybe the most magnificent pastry I’ve ever seen. When the waitress set it down, I muttered “holy shit” (I though under my breath), and she just laughed. Very delicious.

Overall, I thought the restaurant was very cozy and cute. I’d love to go back sometime with a book, and just sit and enjoy a coffee and pastry. It’s that type of place.

So here’s to Ann Arbor, and all its hidden gems. I hope to discover even more of them over the next few years!

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