To Watch His Woods Fill up with Snow

As I was out doing my Christmas shopping last weekend, this caught my eye. It’s in the Jolly Pumpkin‘s window, and I love that it’s holiday decor without being over-the-top and sparkly (though, let’s be honest, I generally love that stuff too). I also love the sentiment. You really can’t go wrong with Robert Frost.

It’s getting to be that time of year – the time for hats and scarves and boots, for warm drinks and twinkling lights, and for weighing your desire to go out and do something against your desire to snuggle up at home (guess which one usually prevails for me?) We’ve only gotten a few light snowfalls thus far, so I’m still waiting for the first big one. I always love the first true snow of the season – it’s novel and magical. I might be singing a different tune come February, when my face feels like it’s melting off as I walk to class, but for now I cannot wait for the snow.

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