Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 14

The weekly roundup of internet fabulosity (yeah, that’s a word):

  1. Brady Hoke is awesome. That’s all.
  2. One Woman A Capella Disney Medley. This is incredible – especially they way she layered in so many clips and all the costumes. Also, I can sing all the lyrics to every one of these songs. It’s basically my childhood embodied in a You Tube clip.
  3. 58 Reasons Why I Love Community. I wish more people watched this show. It’s flat-out fantastic. (My favorite from this list is Troy’s reaction to LeVar Burton. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at a recurring gag before).
  4. A compilation of movie poster cliches. I never realized it until looking at this, but all movies posters are basically identical. Crazy.
  5. This makes law students sound really entitled, but, seriously…GTFO of our reading room!
  6. A parody of Leo’s quest for an Oscar. So good. And, yes, I call him Leo. We go way back.
  7. Though I adore Anthropologie, even I can appreciate a good Anthroparodie. Too funny, especially the description of their “floaty, flouncy, owl-related, faux-antique, hand-made, twee apparel and trinketry.” I love faux-antique owl-related products! That’s why Anthro gets me every damn time.
  8. Bon Iver is my official “I need to mellow out so I’m gonna listen to this” study music.
  9. I love New Girl, and Schmidt is by far my favorite character on that show. So, you can imagine how much I adore this.
  10. I know I’ve been complaining about finals a lot lately, but this article is just too good not to link. I mean, the title alone pretty much sums it up – “Look, We Can Either Study for Our Law School Finals, or We Can Bring About the Violent Dissolution of the American Legal System.” McSweeney’s, you get me.

Want more awesome? I’ve got it like whoa.

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