2011 in Review

January: I turned 25. I went to NYC with some of my very best friends. I walked the Brooklyn Bridge, had Serendipity frozen hot chocolate, and explored Columbia’s campus. I took a work trip to Washington state. I went to a Johnny Weir book signing (embarrassing but true). I played with my new camera. I got admitted to UVA, Michigan, and Northwestern law schools. I attempted to take a photo a day (but failed).

February: I bought 5 guidebooks in preparation for my Europe trip. I tried to bake parmesan bread but couldn’t get the dough to rise. I hosted my mom and dad for a weekend in Madison. I made homemade bagels and wondered why I’d never done so before. I traveled to Washington three times for work and to Portland once. I flew from Seattle to Dallas to Madison, as though Dallas was the most convenient place for a connecting flight, and I felt mad at the travel department. 

March: I got an iPhone and joined the club of people obsessed with their iPhones. I attempted to make Julia Child’s boeuf bourguignon, but it was an epic failure. I took a two-week trip to Washington for work, which involved me spending a weekend alone in the booming metropolis of Wenatchee, WA. I saw the Adjustment Bureau, went to an Italian restaurant with co-workers, and visited Leavenworth to keep myself busy that weekend. I went to a Borders closing sale and felt sad about Borders closing, but bought six books anyway.

April: I visited UVA (and my good friend Helen). I felt extremely conflicted over where to go for law school, but I ultimately decided on Michigan (and was happy about it). I flew back to Michigan for my sister’s college graduation. I gave notice at my old job. I got up at 3am to watch Kate + William get married, and I texted back and forth with my mom the whole morning. I flew to Dayton, OH for work. I flew to Wenatchee, WA for work for the last time. I told my customers in Wenatchee I was leaving, which was the saddest part of quitting my old job.

May: I had my last day at my old job. I walked out the door and wondered what to do with myself next. I felt nervous but mostly excited. I traveled to Rome and Sicily with my mom. I threw coins in the Trevi and ate a life-changing plate of spaghetti alla gricia in the Trastevere. I realized that cannoli in Sicily are unmatched in their deliciousness. I visited an open-air market in Palermo and hiked a crater of Mt. Etna and explored the Valley of the Temples at Agrigento. I flew from Rome to Paris on the last day of the month and waited for my little sister to arrive the next day.

June: I went wine-tasting in the Alsace region of France. I had a gigantic beer at Hofbrauhaus in Munich and visited Cinderella’s castle at Neuschwanstein. I took a Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg. I ate sacher torte and wiener schnitzel in Vienna. I explored the Charles Bridge in Prague. I went on a self-made mini-bar crawl in Prenzlauer Berg and decided I could live in Berlin. I visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and felt sad. I ate macarons at Laduree and took a Seine River dinner cruise in Paris. I flew home and began immediately dreaming about my next Europe trip. I prepared to leave Madison.

July: I packed up my apartment and turned in my car in Madison. I moved back home to Michigan for the summer on the 4th of July. I helped my family clean out our house and sell all our old junk in a garage sale. I visited family and old friends in Saginaw. I went to Hamilton Lake for a mini-family reunion. I started this little blog. I enjoyed summer laziness, unemployment, and being at home.

August: I explored my little corner of the mitten state more, going antiquing in Holly and visiting Detroit’s Eastern Market. I flew to Pittsburgh for the wedding of two of my college roommates. I moved back to Ann Arbor and into the Lawyers Club. I went on a cooking spree, the apex of which was likely fruit salsa or chicken enchiladas. I attended law school orientation and spent a small fortune on textbooks. I caught up with old friends in Ann Arbor and began checking items off my Ann Arbor bucket list. I discovered the Jolly Pumpkin (and its truffle fries).

September: I began law school and anxiously dreaded my first cold call. I dorkily enjoyed doing all my reading. I went to a Tigers game with my family. I re-remembered why I love Zingerman’s. I watched copious amounts of US Open tennis. I went to Sava’s with friends and wondered why I’d never gone to Sava’s before. I had the lobster bisque at Le Dog. I became addicted to Downton Abbey. I watched the Notre Dame game (amazing) and as I walked around campus with friends before the game, we marveled at the drinking stamina of 19-year-olds and felt incredibly old.

October: I went to Saginaw for a friend’s wedding shower. I realized that way too many of my friends are getting engaged, getting married, and having babies. I visited NYC again. I saw How to Succeed in Business on Broadway, ate at Eataly’s birreria, watched Michigan lose to Michigan State at Brother Jimmy’s, and got inadvertently caught in the middle of an Occupy Wall Street Protest in Times Square. I finally gave in and started watching Mad Men (and begrudgingly admitted it’s a good show). I went to the Penn State game with my friends and to Prickly Pear for margaritas afterward. I celebrated my sister’s birthday with my family, and we all saw Moneyball. I leased an apartment for next year and felt psyched to leave the Lawyers Club.

November: I wrote my final memo for Legal Practice. I went home for Thanksgiving. I participated in another epic spoons battle with my dad, my sister, and my cousins. I decided Frita Batido’s was my new go-to Ann Arbor restaurant. I laughed out loud at Mindy Kaling’s book in public. I celebrated the return of Starbucks holiday cups and began my peppermint mocha binge. I discovered my grandma’s old cookbook and felt nostalgic. I celebrated our first win over Ohio State in far too long.

December: I studied like mad for my first round of law school finals. I spent ridiculous amounts of time holed up in the grad library. I did all my Christmas shopping online or in downtown Ann Arbor. I survived finals and felt more tired than I ever have felt before. I went home for Christmas. I baked Christmas treats like a madwoman. I went to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and Frankenmuth on Christmas Day. I helped my mom and dad host a big family Christmas party. I applied to a million summer internships. I made a list of goals for the new year. I felt good about 2011 but better about 2012.

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