Pinterest Projects: Index Card Calendar

Pinterest Projects is an ongoing series wherein I attempt to justify hours wasted spent on Pinterest by making projects from some of the inspiration I find there.

When I saw this project, I loved it, but was a little hesitant because it requires a lot of follow-through, which is…shall we say, something I do not always possess in spades. But, I am committing to this (on the internet! for all to see!) in the hopes that I’ll actually stick with it.

Here’s the original pin (and here’s the website it came from). The basic idea behind this calendar is that there’s one card for each day of the year, and then on each line, you write down one thing you did that year. If you repeat this year after year, you’d have a nice little chronicle of your life (“if” being the operative word, of course).

This was fairly simple to put together. I went on and searched for “recipe box.” Because I’m crazy, I looked through every single page of results (there were…18, maybe? It was a lot). I wanted to be sure I got the perfect one – and I like what I got.

I also bought four packs of 4×6 index cards. They all fit in the box, but it’s snug. I stamped each one with my date stamp in the upper right hand corner – that was the most tedious part, so I did it in batches, over the course of a couple nights.

And that’s all it took. I’m loving it so far but, again, the key is follow-through. I think I can, I think I can…

4 thoughts on “Pinterest Projects: Index Card Calendar

  1. I have a to do list on pinterest that is out of this world. It’s so addicting! Too bad I sit and pin all day instead of actually doing the projects. Good for you for actually doing it! xoxo

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