26 for 26 List

I’m turning 26 this month. I’m entering my late twenties and, as previously mentioned, I feel old. But instead of dwelling on that, I’m going to think positively. I’m a list-maker, and I’ve seen a bunch of friends make similar ones, so I’m creating a list of 26 goals for my 26th year. I honestly think I could do all these things this year. And it’s still early enough in the new year that I feel optimistic about making goals and changing my life. So I’ll be bold: I will do all these things in my 26th year.

  1. Take an exercise class: Zumba, spinning, yoga, etc
  2. Find a summer internship I love, preferably abroad
  3. Take photos of all my favorite places in Ann Arbor
  4. Watch the top 10 from the AFI 100 list
  5. Run a 5k
  6. Learn how to use my camera
  7. Do 10 Pinterest Projects
  8. Finish my travel scrapbooks: London, Morocco, Honduras, and Europe 2011
  9. Read War + Peace, FINALLY
  10. Read Great Expectations, FINALLY
  11. Make spaghetti alla gricia
  12. Make my own macarons
  13. Bake a loaf of bread that actually rises
  14. Raise my hand/participate more in class
  15. Do volunteer work once per month
  16. Organize my gigantic box of negatives and random old photos – get them all scanned and preserved
  17. Do at least 25 blog posts per month
  18. Get to 30 done (at least) on my A2 Bucket List
  19. Start developing my professional wardrobe
  20. Go one month without buying any fancy coffee drinks (summer months, when I don’t drink much if any coffee, don’t count)
  21. Keep up with the daily Pinterest calendar
  22. Do not wear sweatpants or yoga pants to class, even once, no matter how much I want to
  23. Tackle at least one new-to-me recipe per week (starting in the fall, once I have my own apartment – and thus kitchen – again)
  24. Go all-out for Halloween, in terms of a costume
  25. Make a reasonable budget and stick to it, every single month
  26. Take a trip to someplace I’ve never been before

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