Golden Globes: Fashion Recap

So, I really like going to the movies, as evidenced by the onslaught of movie review posts over the last few weeks. This, in turn, means I like movie awards season an awful lot. However, even more than enjoying when I see the films I loved win awards, what I truly am obsessed with is the red-carpet fashion. And by “truly am obsessed,” I obviously mean I’m obsessed with complementing and – perhaps more importantly – critiquing said fashion. So let’s get this party started.

My Four Best-Dressed:

  • Viola Davis: The color and cut of this are just fantastic. It’s simple, but she looks so, so pretty!
  • Evan Rachel Wood: She’s almost always tragic on the red carpet, so I give Evan Rachel Wood big props for this number. It’s like a cross between a mermaid and a crocodile, but in the best possible way. I thought the dress was stunning.
  • Tina Fey: Yay, Tina Fey! I never like her red carpet looks (always too meek and basic), so this was a pleasant surprise. Gorgeous color, beautiful ruching, and fantastic train. Liz Lemon for the win!
  • Charlize Theron: I got the sense from cruising the interwebs that reaction was mixed on this gown, but I adore it. If anyone can pull off a gigantic bow, it’s Charlize Theron. I also loved the soft color and her perfect hair and sparkly headband. So excited to see the woman who gave us this and this back on the red carpet and totally rocking it.

My Four Worst-Dressed:

  • Freida Pinto: This is a tragic waste of beauty. Pinto is so freaking pretty; it’s downright depressing to see her in a shapeless box of a dress, with sad and flat hair.
  • Lea Michele: I’ll admit, I do derive a cruel pleasure from putting her on my worst dressed list (saying I’m not a fan would be putting it mildly). But, I will concede that she usually looks fantastic on the red carpet – so this misstep was all the more surprising. The bottom half of the dress is fine, but the top half is…garish and wrong.
  • Elizabeth McGovern: It pains me to say it, but Lady Grantham was not looking so good last night (thought: she probably would have been better off stealing a dress from her show’s wardrobe department). I mean, two pieces of solid-colored fabric glued together, not molded into any discernible shape? Blah.
  • Angelina Jolie: Too tight and too severe. I far preferred her Golden Globes look from last year. Seriously, click on that link and marvel at the difference.

Miscellaneous Fashion Awards of Note:

  • Most Eternally Fabulous: Helen Mirren always looks simultaneously wonderful and age-appropriate. She wears classy, dignified clothing but never looks dowdy. I love the navy, the belt, and the fluffiness on the bottom half.
  • Red Carpet Rising Star: Since Jessica Chastain gravely disappointed me (more on that below), I’m banking on Shailene Woodley to be the fresh faced best-dressed this awards show season. I loved the white/grey color and the subtle sparkles – it was simple, but not boring.
  • Most Welcome Return: Natalie Portman, welcome back. We missed you (but not your laugh). I know you’re probably enjoying being a mom and all, but you really belong on the red carpet – stunning dress, gorgeous color, bravo.
  • The “So Pretty I Really Want to Hate Her” Award: Seriously, Kate Beckinsale, it’s just not fair. This almost made my top 4 best dressed list, but I thought it was a tad safe. Still, a very, very nice look.

  • The “Weird, But I Kinda Dig It” Award: Dianna Agron’s dress could charitably be called “daring” or “bold” (and not-so-charitably be called “crazy”). But I liked it, and I think bright red is a great color for her. Unlike her Glee costar Lea Michele, I thought this was a risk that actually paid off.
  • Oddest Accessory: Is that an eagle on your belt, Emma Stone? And, perhaps more to the point, why is there an eagle on your belt? I liked this dress a lot – especially the pairing of the two different shades of red and the cut of the top – but the belt detracted from the overall effect.
  • The “Begrudging Admittance That You Look Good Even Though You Shouldn’t Be Here” Award: I almost feel sad for Stacy Keibler for being the latest in George Clooney’s revolving turntable of girlfriends, but she did look damn good on the red carpet. Red is a great color on her, and I really liked the bow on the back of the dress.
  • The “Wait, How Old Are You?” Award: IMDB tells me that Madeleine Stowe is 53 and I just cannot believe it. Seriously, she looked better than a lot of the gals in their 20s. And, I loved her dress – especially how it was almost made to look like a top and skirt. Cool.

  • Prettiest Color: Octavia Spencer in pale violet – I always think this is a beautiful color, and it looked quite nice on her. Also loved the gems on the front. Pretty dress.
  • Best Dressed Person I’ve Only Vaguely Heard Of: Mireille Enos, in an ethereal yellow and white dress. Loved the colors, the belt, and the cut of the top.
  • Best Hair: Her dress is nothing special, but I really love Reese Witherspoon’s hair. It’s not fancy, but just looks perfect. And she’s so pocket-sized and cute, awww!
  • Most Exuberant: Paula Patton in yellow. The color was bold and wonderful, and the train was fun. Plus, I don’t know how closely you watched the show, but Paula was acting kinda cray cray – like maybe she took a little something before walking the red carpet/presenting? But, yeah, definitely exuberant…

  • Most Unflattering: Oh, Kate Winslet, what happened here? She’s usually one of my red carpet favorites, but this dress did her no favors. I didn’t like the odd gaping hole in the front, and I didn’t like how the little cape sleeves were cut. A misfire.
  • Least Age Appropriate: Julie Bowen’s dress is just lovely…if you happen to be 12 years old and playing one of her daughters on Modern Family. Seriously, the Pretty Pretty Princess look is not working for her – she should be outfitted in a sleek and modern style. Her hair is also an atrocity.
  • Most Terrifying: Tilda Swinton. Enough said.
  • The “Honey, You Know Your Seam is Right Down the Front of Your Dress, Right?” Award: Naya Rivera in a grey dress that would’ve been kinda nice – albeit boring – if not for one glaring problem (see the title of this award).

  • Biggest Disappointment: I was almost certain Jessica Chastain was going to be a rockstar at this year’s awards shows. Wrong! This dress was way too tight and way too plain – and the hairstyle was just blah. Better luck next time, Jessica.
  • Most Mismatched Earrings: It’s hard to see from the above photo, but Julianna Margulies’s dress and earrings were an interesting pairing, to say the least. At first I was convinced that the plum and bright green color combo was hideous, but…it’s kind of growing on me. Make of it what you will (her dress, by the way, was nice but boooooring).
  • Most Tragic Belt: I probably could have gotten on board with Sarah Hyland’s dress, if not for the big black belt. It just didn’t work with the dress.
  • Most Convincing Argument For Not Letting Your Children Pick Out Your Clothing: Sarah Michelle Gellar, who said she had let her daughter choose her ensemble. Probs not a great idea to take fashion advice from a toddler, SMG. Just a thought.

Agree? Disagree? Who were your favorites at the Globes? And who are you looking forward to seeing at the SAG Awards later this month?

2 thoughts on “Golden Globes: Fashion Recap

  1. Mireille Enos, such a good dress!

    I would like to think it’s down to her French roots…great fashion review, far more tasteful than the assortment found in gossip mags!


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