Chocolate Chip Scones

I discovered these scones on Annie’s Eats last summer and loved them – they are delicious but super easy to make. I’m a huge tennis dork, and I figured they’d be the perfect recipe for Breakfast at Wimbledon, which is basically a national holiday in my book, wherein I get up early, have a delicious breakfast, and watch the Wimbledon final. Scones + tennis. What could be better?

Anyway, I made these one or two other times last summer, then went away for school and kind of forgot about the recipe. I went back home over Christmas and something made me think of them again – and I immediately remembered why I loved these scones upon re-making them. I made a double batch, leaving some at home with my parents and taking the rest back to school with me. They are a huge improvement over my normal daily breakfast of dry Special K, if you ask me.

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