A2 Bucket List: Mani Osteria

My sister and my best friend both live in New York City and – I’m not going to lie – sometimes I get a little jealous of this fact and wonder why I didn’t pick a law school in a bigger city. I’m not sure if I even want to end up in New York, but I just love all the different options for food, culture, and entertainment that it has. An example of great food options is that last week was NY Restaurant week, where you can get all sorts of expensive food for relatively reasonable prices. But…guess what? It also happened to be Ann Arbor Restaurant Week, too! So, I say, take that, New York. We’ve got everything you do! (Not really) (But I still love Ann Arbor anyway).

Anyway. All this is to say is that I partook in A2 restaurant week and also checked off an item on my Ann Arbor Bucket List while doing it – number 35, eat at Mani Osteria. Mani is a relatively new-ish restaurant in Ann Arbor, and every time I walk by, I think, I want to eat there. I emailed my friend Alisha, who was going with me, a list of my preferred restaurants from those that were participating and when she chose Mani, I was pretty pumped. And so we went.

All in all, I thought this was a pretty great meal. Since it was restaurant week, we had a limited menu to choose from, but there were still awesome options. I had their sangria to drink and it was really good – I swear there was a hint of, like, cinnamon it it? Not quite sure, but it was good. For my appetizer, I had arancini (basically, croquettes with cheese inside) – very delicious. For my entree, I had a red onion and pistachio pizza. I was a big fan of the onion + nut + goat cheese combo, and they used old spaghetti sauce cans as the pizza stands, which I thought was a fun touch. And for dessert, we had cannoli – one pistachio, and one filled with chocolate. I thought it was a great meal, and I’d definitely go back – especially for the pizza.

13 down, 47 to go!

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