Project Runway All-Stars: Episode 4

On this week’s Project Runway All-Stars, the designers had to derive inspiration for their designs from…a flavor of gelato. Um, what? This has to be one of the lamest inspiration points for a challenge ever. My favorite challenges are the ones where the designers have to create something super dramatic (e.g. the avant-garde challenges) or have to be ridiculously creative (the unconventional materials challenges). Creating a dress based on ice cream is not even on the same level as those.

Also of note this week (to me, at least), is that the judges and I basically agreed on nothing (except Mondo). I’m almost certain they got it wrong, of course.

My Top Three:

  • Mondo: The color combination here is insanely awesome. I love the belt and the overall ease of the garment – absolutely perfect for a high-end, beach-y, resort vacation.
  • Kenley: The colors here were fun, and I agreed with Kenley herself when she called the dress “cute and flirty.” Of all the designers, I think Kenley has the most distinct aesthetic (I always know a dress is hers), and I do think there’s something to be said for that.
  • Rami: I love the top, with all the different greens interwoven. I thought this was quite interesting, and I was bummed the judges didn’t think so too. My one hesitation was the inner set of straps – I thought they looked a bit awkward. But otherwise, I loved this look.

My Bottom Three:

  • Michael: UGH. This looks like a silk robe that a 1920s mistress would wear to greet her rich lover at the hotel where they’re having an affair. I may have gone too far with that analogy, but whatever. I honestly cannot believe he won with this – I just did not like it.
  • Mila: This was kinda shapeless and “meh.” The dress seems to just be hanging there, and I didn’t like the fabrics she choose – they looked strange to me, and the white was too see-through. Why did the judges put this in the top??
  • Jerell: This look was insane, and not in a good way. I thought the styling was too over-the-top/crazy gypsy girl and all the horizontal straps in the front were so unattractive.

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • Tonight’s guest judge (in addition to Miranda Kerr, who made no impression whatsoever) was Diane von Furstenberg, who I adore. One of the most stylish women on the planet, period.
  • Six hours for a challenge? Gross. We didn’t even get a trip to Mood! (There was a fake mini-Mood set up in their sewing room – not at all the same thing). Although, I thought the dresses ended up looked surprisingly decent for being thrown together so quickly – much better than I expected they would.
  • Kara was frantic per usual, saying, “We have six hours, and I’m just dying.” Okay, six hours is a short amount of time, but when is Kara ever NOT frazzled? If they had three days, she’d be freaking out just the same.
  • I wish Austin’s mustache would go away.
  • Joanna’s critiques seemed more pointed (and by pointed, I mean harsh) this week: she called Rami out for creating a wrap skirt (aka sucking up to DVF) and asked April, “How can you have a fashion moment if you’re staying with what you’re comfortable with?” Tell it like it is, sister.
  • Angela Lindvall is basically a robot, much in the Padma Lakshmi tradition of hosts who are crazy beautiful but dull and monotone when they speak.
  • As with last week’s episode, there was a weird amount of focus on the Neiman Marcus Accessory Wall. Did Neiman Marcus make it a condition of their sponsorship this season that PR had to focus so much on that damn wall every single week?!?
  • Another trend I mentioned last week that continued – with April leaving, we’re down four women, and haven’t lost a guy yet. YIKES. Is it really just Kara, Kenley, and Mila left? Where are all the talented ladies??? Jillian and Ulee, I miss thee so.

Bitchy Lines of the Night (I couldn’t pick just one this week):

  • “I do not like what Mila is designing. It looks like a color-block Christmas ornament disaster.” (Anthony, on Mila’s dress. Agreed!)
  • “I feel like Rami’s look is of questionable taste. It looks really garish, like a lime explosion.” (Mila, on Rami’s dress)
  • “She looks like a pregnant cupcake.” (Jerell, on Kara’s dress. He was right…)

And in case you missed ’em: Episode 1, Episode 2, and Episode 3

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